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aandbminis 06-30-2010 11:49 AM

Favorite mini bloodlines
I just wanted to see what bloodlines everyone liked the most and what bloodlines do you have on your farm…. I’ll go first I like Rowdy and then his son Redboy. I like them because of the refinement they give to their offspring. I was so happy when I got the chance to own a Redboy son. I also like Blue Boy for the pretty heads he put on his foals. I have a double bred grandson, I plan to keep his fillies and eventually breed them to my Redboy son. I somehow have a lot of Egyptian King offspring but I looked at what each individual horse produced and bought them for that reason. I also have a Roan Ranger daughter, she was really hard to find but glad I have her. I know there are more just can’t think of any now lol. What are your favorites?
I know bloodlines aren't everything but to me it gives be an idea of what a horse will produce. so give your fav. bloodline and why you like it

PaintsPwn 07-01-2010 12:33 AM

I'm loving the Winners Circle Adonis line. Our stallion is his grandson and has an awesome temperment, plus - I mean just LOOK At him! What's not to like about Adonis?

aandbminis 07-01-2010 08:38 AM

yeah he is nice, I saw a son of his for sale not long ago that looks a lot like him but until I get the rest of the property fenced off 3 stallions is plenty :D

mini majic 07-10-2010 03:17 PM

hi im a mini person and im tryin to find people to talk to that like minis

aandbminis 07-10-2010 04:21 PM

hi, How many minis do you have and do you show? There is another forum I like that is just for minis if you are interested, they give a lot of great advice and you learn a lot there. Not sure if you are a new mini owner or not but welcome to the forum and to minis

mini majic 07-11-2010 06:58 PM

yes i do show minis i have 6 of my own.

krissy3 07-21-2010 12:30 PM

Jandts is my favorite line, also LTD....

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