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Poco1220 06-30-2010 07:00 PM

What a long night :(
So I was out lunging my boy over some jumps last night and it started to get dark. I went to put him away and managed to trip over absolutely nothing, which spooked him when I did and he jumped back pulling the rope from my hand (ouch!).

He just went to the grainery across the street (still on my property tho) and I slowly walked over (I'm in a walking cast due to tearing the ligaments in my ankle). As he saw me walking up he perked his ears up, threw he head, and BOLTED DOWN THE ROAD! (I guess that's what I get for not working him in a few weeks, he was just full of it!)

So I grab the riding lawn mower since it's closest and make it to the road before I realize I will never catch him on this. I park it and hobble inside to get my car keys. By the time I get into my trailblazer he's completely out of sight. Oh boy.... I burst into hysterics at this point.

I drove a couple miles down the road, scanning the fields, yards, driveways, etc with no luck. Now it was dark out, luckily he's 90% white so it helped at least.

I called friends from out of town to come help, my husband who was on his way to work to come back, and stopped by some neighbors houses who recruited more friends to help (I just moved here so I didn't even know these people but they were very eager to help).

One neighbor grabbed her four wheeler checking the fields while the rest of us checked yards, roads, pastures, whatever. Finally over an hour into the search one of the neighbors decided to check a small, barely visible path that led back behind a field about a mile. Sure enough there was my boy grazing away. He yelled his name and that **** horse came trotting right up like he had been waiting for someone to come get him.

The guy left his wife to lead him back while he came up to get me and drive me to them. I quickly jumped from the truck, hugged the life out of my horse, and rode him back to the house all the while he acted like an angel. So at least the night turned out well! But I can't describe the state of panic that ensued when he took off down that road and out of sight :(

riccil0ve 06-30-2010 07:11 PM

Oh no! I'm so glad you found him and that everything turned out okay. I'd be sure to make your friendly neighbors some cookies. Mine would have slammed the door in my face, lol. And I wouldn't blame you if you put your horse under lock and key for awhile. I'd be beside myself if my horses got loose. But again, very glad he's okay. I'm sure he thought it was a very pleasant jaunt down the road. =]

Poco1220 06-30-2010 07:28 PM

They couldn't believe how easy he was to handle. He jogged right up to them and led back like an angel. When I got there I asked him to lay down and climbed up on him then rode back. He acted like nothing had happened at all. And the neighbors sat around for a few beers after the search, they were really happy about helping and actually had some horses that needed some training so I'm going to start working them in a couple weeks to help them out!

riccil0ve 06-30-2010 07:39 PM

It must be so great to live in a community like that. I'm very jealous. =]

Also, it's definitely a bonus that your horse didn't decide to run-over a helper, lol. =P

Poco1220 06-30-2010 07:50 PM

No he wouldn't run over anyone if his life depended on it. This is the absolute worst thing he's done in the 5+ years I've known/owned him which isn't all that bad.

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