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haleylvsshammy 07-01-2010 12:55 AM

Eventing Questions
Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for your help!

Alright then, so I am very interested in eventing, I always have been, and am thinking about trying it sometime soon. I have a horse that is capable (well, hopefully, I guess I'll find out! haha) and after some more practice, I think I'll be capable as well. I am fairly good with stadium jumping, and have experience with dressage (and I have a person to go to for help). My only question is on the cross country phase. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I have NO idea where I would possibly be able to go to try out a cross country course. Any ideas, anybody?

I would also appreciate comments from people saying how they like eventing, and what it was like when they first started out. Any tips, basically, will be appreciated.

Another thing that I would appreciate is a comment on cost. I have noticed (from looking around at various sites) that eventing appears to be a bit on the expensive side. I do not come from a "rich" family, and my mom isn't willing to spit out $200 just for me to "try something out", and I do not expect her to. I am simply a 14 year old girl trying to have some fun with her horse, and give eventing a try, because it seems like something that I can be passionate about. Basically I'm asking if anybody knows of a "schooling event" where the prices aren't so high, and the competitive level is fairly low.

Thanks so much, and happy trails (or events) to all of you! :D
-Haley and Shammy

MadeiraRox 07-01-2010 11:42 AM

You can do cross-country anywhere. Like you can find a fallen log or something that is safe to jump outside.

Strange 07-01-2010 08:16 PM

You said you're in Arizona?

Check out USEA - United States Eventing Association (Eventing, Combined Training, Three Day Event, Horse Triathlon, Equestrian Sport)
You're in Area X (Area 10). Here is a list of actual shows, but if you check out the farm websites many of them, I'm sure, will have open schooling days. USEA - 2010 Provisional Calendar & Omnibus

Just remember to take it slowly, especially the cross country.

haleylvsshammy 07-01-2010 08:27 PM

Thanks! And don't worry, I take things REALLY slowly. I treasure my life, so I don't want to rush into things that I'm not ready for! haha
Thanks again!

StormyBlues 07-01-2010 08:58 PM

I'd try to find a good eventing trainer. Going out and doing recognized events isn't something to take lightly, and the way you jump XC is very different from the way you would aproch a stadium fence.

Eventing is VERY expensive once you get competitive. You need show clothes (coat, shirt, stock tie, pants, boots, gloves, helmet, whip, spurs, xc vest, watch) and tack (dressage and jumping tack, boots for your horse, probably a breastplate) and little miscallanious things that you never think about but will need (a metric wheel, tack box, wraps, extra hay nets). If you do go into it seriously, there is alot of equipment that comes along with showing and traveling.

Eventing is what my trainer did, so I did it. And I love it. You truly have to know your horse inside and out, and you have to know yourself and how you ride too. There's alot of mental game that goes with it (which is where a good coach comes in. There's nothing better to me than a good pep talk from my coach right before I go out of the XC start box). And there's nothign better than hearing the starter count down the 5,4,3,2,1, clean start have a nice ride! Seriously, it still gives me chills and an adrenaline rush every time.

Good luck with it all! Eventing really is the best horse sport EVER! (not biased or anything :P) You are garunteed a tough, but fun time :D

equineeventer3390 07-02-2010 01:06 AM

Pretty much what everyone else said! Its a great sport and I'd have to agree with stormyblues that it is the BEST sport. haha. But it is pretty expensive. Definitely ALOT more expensive than hunters, jumpers, etc. But the site Strange posted has a list of schooling shows as well as recognized shows in your area.

hiwaythreetwenty 07-02-2010 08:21 PM

The best part I love about eventing is 1. I have always meet the nicest people while we are competitive we aren't poor sports we cheer each other, I would pass riders coming off the xc course as I would be heading up to warm up and they would give you advice - such as was the footing at jump 5 etc. 2. There are no politics - it doesn't matter if the judge likes the horse or not because you still have to get the job done correctly.

While it can be expensive you can be thrifty to cut cost - Share rides, purchase items only that are needed. At the lower levels your don't need to have as many things as upper levels. In my area we have mini events which is much cheaper to compete at and offer everything from 18" jumps to training level. Have fun, and enjoy this fun sport where the bond you have with your horse is everything.

haleylvsshammy 07-02-2010 08:32 PM

I have a quick question for all you eventing people! Okay, so right now, I have an english jumping saddle. I don't have a dressage saddle, and if I was to compete in lower levels of eventing and things like mini events, will having a dressage saddle be necessary? If not, at what level is a dressage saddle necessary? I'm trying to save as much money as possible! lol

hiwaythreetwenty 07-02-2010 10:09 PM

Now well some may disagree and state how you need to have a dressage saddle at any level there are many people who do not use one. I started out with a jumping saddle only. So yes that is one way to save money is by not needing to purchase numerous saddles. Also don't get caught up in the whole "because so and so uses this I need it too" Unless you have a good reason for a martingale you don't need one. As long as you have control of your horse you can use your dressage bridle and bit for jumping xc and stadium. If you saddle fits well you don't need half pads, well sometimes it may be needed you don't always need boots on your horses legs. Start with the basics - Saddle, bridle, girth for the horse Breeches, half chaps or boots, safety vest (a must for xc) medical armband (many events require them and a helmet for you. The mini events don't require you to wear a show jacket you can simply wear a polo shirt. I also suggest going to some of the shows watching volunteering - jump judging, scribing you can learn so much by going and watching and talking to people. Before I competed I jump judges for a couple of years and I will tell you I learned a heck of a lot from those people. Plus it is alot of fun!

corporate pride 07-03-2010 12:50 AM

i agree!! go to a few shows and watch, ask questions about rules. start out simple with your gear. a jump saddle is fine to ride dressage in, just drop your stirrups to your dressage length. I had to do all my dressage and flat work in my jump saddle for 6 months competing because my dressage saddle didn't fit my horse and made him sore. but i bought childs leathers for it as i was using it as a jump saddle me, DON'T DO THAT! hahahaha
main things to have in low levels are:
saddle (all purpose, jump, an english saddle)
boots (splint/shin boots with tape are good for xc aswell and showjumping)
at least 3 saddle blankets (at least 1 white for dressage - looks nice)
breast plate
2 x bridles (always have a spare just incase one doesn't pass gear check or you use a different bit for xc then you don't need to change the bit reins and refit bridle - also if you break one bridle you have a spare)
Medical armband
helmet (one that is compliant)
and a body protector vest if you need one - i didn't ride in one until i got to a higher level but it isn't compulsary here in australia
for you:
creme or beige breechers or jodphures (2 pairs if you can, older ones for xc)
white shirt
polo shirt
jacket if need one
tie or stock
gloves - mainly for xc because you tend to get a death grip on your reins and then you get blisters :p
gaitors (leather half chaps)
short boots (i prefer ones with the zip)
spurs if you ride with them
chop for xc

hay nets or bags
extra hay
electrical tape for boots
water bucket
bandaides (for boot blisters or illegal earrings)
deoderant!!!! (you will smell after xc)
lip balm (for xc - wind burn!)
sunscreen (summer autum winter spring - u WILL get burnt)
grooming gear
towel (one for u and one for your horse)
horse rugs
spare halter and lead rope (incase of pull back incidences)
bailing twine!!! i swear this stuff does everything!!!!!!
water bottle for you :)

i know it's a long list but these things are things that you need, i know from experience, if you never use some of the stuff it will be there next time. i highly recommend 2 bridles because if you don't have a back up and something happens to the other one, you can't ride! it could be as simple as the stitching isn't going to pass gear check, or you drop the reins by accident and your horse steps on the reins and breaks the bridle!

now my storey:
i was a jump jump for a friend a few times and i loved watching it then i was bitten by the eventing bug. i got a sutiable horse and started doing local showjumping encouragement rounds and then with another friends help went out and just did it. i wasn't sucessful at first but we got there eventually and now i love it!! YAY!
i've fallen off and always got back on!!
now i've got a new horse to train for eventing and he is the BOMB!!! hhahaahah

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