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Sketter 07-02-2010 12:53 AM

When is too hot to ride?
Well thats the question when is too hot to ride? It was 35c today and it is going to be that hot tomorrow.. Just wanted other peoples opinons on what they think is too hot.. Thanks

Solon 07-02-2010 12:55 AM

When it starts getting upper 80s low 90F I don't like riding. Too uncomfortable. Or when it's really humid.

drafts4ever 07-02-2010 01:19 AM

I ride through the sprinklers if it's too hot. Hot here is in the 70's. We're not used to hot weather here so as soon as it hits 65 people start saying it's hot. At 70 we turn on the sprinklers in the arena and ride with them on a light sprinkle. Outside though I wouldn't wanna ride over 75... I'd be uncomfortable and I don't think my horse would like working in hot weather.

mvinotime 07-02-2010 01:24 AM

Oh we get HOT here but usually not with too much humidity. For us 80's and 90's is dream weather in the summer :wink: and 70's is heaven! We have had some 103 and 104 days last week, expecting 106-108 next week. We just have to ride VERY early in the morning before it heats up that much. Team pennings here are at night and are called off if the daytime temps are 102 or higher.

Rowzy 07-02-2010 01:34 AM

For me 85 is the hottest I'll ride in for arena work because I have no shade in my arena. But for trail riding 90-95 is the hottest for trail riding because the shade from the trees makes it nice and cool.

Also part of it has to do with how acclimated my horses are to the hot weather. I try not to ride my horses hard on the first hot days of the summer.

At this point it doesn't look like I will have to worry about the weather being too hot this summer anyways. We've had 1 day over 75 in something like 280 days is what I heard on the news a week or 2 ago. Its still raining too :(. Last year the weather was unusually warm and we had atleast 1 day over 100 degrees.

upupandflyaway1 07-02-2010 03:59 AM

I rode in 105 the other day..

sandy2u1 07-02-2010 04:04 AM

I think a little common sense goes a long way in this kind of situation. I wouldn't make my decision based on a thermometer. The way the heat effects a person/animal depends greatly on many factors. IMO, the best determining factor is how you feel when you are at the barn for a little while and what kind of riding you intend to do. Most importantly though, listen to your horse. It's in the high 90's here and very humid, so if I'm going to ride it needs to be early or late in the evenings. I did not make this decision based on the thermometer, though, I made it based on the fact that during the time it takes me to put out feed, I work up a sweat. If I were to go solely on thermometers though, I'd say anything in the 70's most certainly, 80's highly likely that your horse can do it, and 90's proceed with caution and take all factors into consideration. Horses are not the wimps we make them out to be.

MacabreMikolaj 07-02-2010 04:19 AM


Agreed. We were riding today in 35C with a humidex of 40C, and fairly hard as well for several hours. Our horses were just fine - they'd get sweaty, we'd cool them out, and riding a lot in some water to cool us all down. The sun was very hot and it wasn't thick with humidity - for example, next week they're calling for a day of 28C with a 40C humidex and that will obviously be more humid.

I remember one summer, the thermometer was almost hitting 40C without the humidex - the horses were actually sprawled in the pasture COVERED in sweat. Obviously, it was not a riding day! :lol:

I'm pretty sure it would get too hot for US before it ever got too hot for the horses. They're used to the same weather you are, and better equipped to handle just about anything. I would never dream of taking my Canadian horse down to Florida and asking her to do a jumping course within 24 hours of arriving, but I doubt we could get hot enough here to bother her much (save for that one exception of Florida-esque temps for one summer!)

Make sure they're constantly hydrated and not over heating and you'll be fine!

PaintHorseMares 07-02-2010 04:40 AM

It does really depend on the humidity, and it can get very humid here. The rule of thumb we've used down here is when the temp (F) + humidity (%) hits 130, we don't ride. On days when it's going to be 95F+ and humid, we start our rides before 9am and try and finish by noon.

Mingiz 07-02-2010 06:39 AM

My thought is if it's too uncomfortable for me to be out there. Then I surely dont' want my horse to tote my fat arse around in it:think:

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