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horseluver2435 07-02-2010 05:02 PM

Just a rant
[First off, this is an annoyed rant. I love my barn and the majority of the horses there. I know the BOs can't change people's minds.]

So a new mare just came to the barn last Saturday. She's a Paint x Arab, 10 years old, apparantly good under saddle. She was purchased by a family who has two daughters- a 5 year old and a 8 year old. The 8 year old is in the lesson program, but the 5 year old hasn't ridden before. Well, the parents of these children decide to buy their girls a pony to learn to ride on. [She's 14.3.] I'm not arguing with their decision to buy a pony, even though personally I don't think it's a good idea.

I'm upset with the pony they decided to buy. This mare is 10, so not old, but she's quiet under saddle, listens well, etc. Which is all fine and dandy. But she has so many issues. Like her face- there are abcesses on her face, which weren't treated so they became infected. Fantastic, right? Which means she has to wear a rope halter, which makes it close to impossible to catch her when you want to bring her to her stall.

Her front hooves are also seriously cracked and messed up, so she's going to need corrective trimming and shoes on them for 6 months to a full year. That's going to be expensive.

She was sold at $1800. The lady wouldn't budge on the price. They had her vet checked, which cost around $200, so the initial cost of this pony is $2000. Plus all the meds for her face and the farrier work she'll need?

:P I guess it's their money. But it's just silly to me.
I'm not upset with our BOs, because I'd rather they buy a horse and keep it here where we can help them than buy one and keep it at their house and not have a clue. At least here, we can give advice and make sure 'Blaze' is getting meds and farrier visits.

Oh, and her ground manners aren't even that great. I guess she's never learned to walk in hand, but on the plus side, she'll trot for you. No matter what. She'll trot in hand for you. *sarcasm* She's also never been desensitized to water, or mud. How do I know? She reared up at me when I tried to lead her through a mud puddle.

Another one of her appealing qualities- she hates being stalled. She almost broke the door off of one of the stalls, which is going to make winter absolute h*ll when the horses have to be in all day.

UGH. End rant. :/

PS- If you suggest I move, I'm really not THAT upset. Just ranting.

EquestrianHollywood 07-05-2010 12:52 PM

....Blaze -_- ...Theres my oppinion of this mare. As you know Shelbs.

horseluver2435 07-05-2010 03:08 PM

Yep. Grr.

I think the only other horse that has bothered me this much was either:

EquestrianHollywood 07-05-2010 08:35 PM

Dealers the only one on that list that doesn't bug at me. But Blaze OOO that horse is gonna do somethin big, I can just feel it.

starlinestables 07-07-2010 12:23 AM

You must work for the barn. LOL this sounds like something my assistant would say about a few of our boarders.

horseluver2435 07-07-2010 08:40 AM

Yeah, I muck stalls and feed and water the horses. I tell you, she's the worst horse to move around. She also doesn't like to be caught in the field.

ivorygold1195 07-14-2010 03:20 PM

She walks in hand fine... and I think if she wasn't so expensive she would have been a fine buy cus she lets the kids do whatever and they don't need her to look pretty because they never want to show. And she acts fine is Wiseman's old stall for me... I dont like her but I dont think she is a bad horse.

ivorygold1195 07-14-2010 03:21 PM

Also, wasnt the day you did chores the first day she was there? or just a couple after? I can understand her being a little rude for her first day.

apachiedragon 07-14-2010 03:38 PM

A lot of you guys must be at the same barn, lol. Well, feel free to rant away. Sounds like she needs some manners refreshed. As far as the price, some people have too much money for their own good. Can't blame the seller for putting a high price tag on her if someone was silly enough to pay it, but maybe they didn't know any better. But hopefully with some attention and proper care (which I'm guessing she didn't get before), she'll turn out okay BEFORE she hurts someone. Good luck to all of you who have to handle and work around her! It's no fun taking care of the difficult ones. :wink:

DakotaLuv 07-14-2010 03:48 PM

Why are you so concerned? Can't you just ignore her? It doesn't sound like you have to deal with her other than doing chores around her and if you have to move her can you get a bucket of grain or pellets or hay and get her to come to you and then put the halter on? Or when you catch her give her a carrot or bite of apple or something? That will help, but ask her owners first. Just seems like there are better things to worry about than a little pony at the barn you board at.

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