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inaclick 07-03-2010 01:16 PM

Milk surrogate for our young foal?
So we have a new foal at the shelter, around 4 days old.
The mare was malnourished when she arrived and although best care for given for her she still is terribly underweight and does not produce enough milk.

Do you know a "recipe" that could supplement the foal's dinners? Because he;s chewing her teets with not much result. The mare does not have enough milk.

Someone advised goat milk.

Or maybe you could advise for a type of food that would increase her milk production?


Katana 07-03-2010 07:11 PM

We have used goats milk - its cheaper to buy a dairy goat in milk.We got her to stand on a box & the orphan would feed right from her. They paddocked together & oneday we went out & found the foal suckling from the goat while she was laying down.Goats milk works great.

RockNRoll 07-04-2010 07:26 PM

If you can't find a substitute, there is a couple of mare replacement products on the market which you mix with water and let the foal to free drink from a bucket.

gypsygirl 07-04-2010 08:28 PM

you can go to your vet & see what milk replacers they have there

Cat 07-04-2010 10:05 PM

Apache was a nurse mare orphan foal and he was taken away from his mom just a couple days old. He was taught how to drink milk from a bucket. We used a powdered formula we bought from the feed store. The one we got was for horses/cows/goats etc - just different concentrations for each type and we mixed it up at each feeding. There is also one called Foal Lac if you can find it which is a formula made especially for horses that is even better. We just couldn't find it in our area at the time.

I just hope baby got all the colostrum needed from mom.

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