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theberrygirl 07-04-2010 05:23 PM

Hi!! I'm a horse fan, but i just moved in to Calgary..
I left my 2 horses in Quebec for the summer, I am studying English at University of Calgary. The thing is that I miss horses too much. I know Stampede is coming next week, I'm already going. Same for North American Tournament in Spruce Meadows for next week. But I would like to have a great experience on a ranch. I don't care about how most it cost, just having a moment with horses would be so nice, I could come helping for a day or two... I really don't know! I would like to know riders here around Calgary too and learn more about wild horses around here! And maybe having the chance to go for a trail with experience riders, not with those school or organized trail!
Thanks for every responses, I will reply for sure =)

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