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JustDressageIt 02-07-2008 10:58 PM

Training Youngsters
I'd like to hear your guys' exercises that you do with young horses to prepare them for under saddle training. I think it'd be interesting to see what everyone does :)
- Any games you play with your horses?
- What sort of pre-riding training do you do?

Me, for example:
I am currently training a 5 year old mare to saddle, and we've just started lunging, so we play a "squeeze" game while lunging... i.e. I put something scary on the ground, and make her lunge around me, circling between me and the scary thing, and around both me and the scary thing. I've also started the basis for long-lining by walking beside her and directing her with the reins... soon I'll be making the transition to ground driving.
Anyways, that's just a sample from my little training book.. anyone else care to share?

derbyhillsranch 02-07-2008 11:07 PM

haha, my computer would die before i could type my methods. To make it EXTREMELY short,
-Groundwork-close lunging, disengaging the hips, flexing, pivoting, sidepassing, etc
-Saddle/Cinch break- descencitize them to the saddle and cinch
-Driving- yea that kinda explains itself
-Stand in stirrups, wiggle in saddle, etc

Again, there is way more details, feel free to ask any specifics but give me time inbetween each question. lol

JustDressageIt 02-07-2008 11:43 PM

Ok.. simple question: Could you explain your groundwork?

ehehe okay so not so simple!! :P

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