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xEquestrianx 07-05-2010 05:57 PM

Lead Speed Help?
My mare loves running the barrels! You can have her practicing showing rail work and you can hardly get her to lope, because she hates it. Then take her on the pattern once and she will gallop laps for you. Anyways.... she is a strongly right leaded horse, and I do take her on the pattern left, right, right, unlike most people. And she can do a nice pattern, but she is a little slower on her left lead going for the first barrel.I do make her work (in everything we do) on the left lead just as much, and she can lope and gallop on it, straight and in circles, but just not quite as easily. Is there any exercises or anything that you guys think would help her speed and consistancy on her left lead? Thanks!:)

PintoBean 07-12-2010 03:42 PM

My horse is terrible with his left lead. There are two methods you could try, sit on your right butt cheek, cue with your left leg, now you can either pull your right rein so that your horse's neck is bent to the inside. If this does not work ( it doesn't for horse) then pull with your left rein and so your horse's head is tilted to the outside. Mack sure you do not check the lead as your horse is picking it up, because this will cause them to pick up the wrong lead.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

jtmdah 07-22-2010 12:30 PM

My horse also has a weak side. What I would recommend is flexing your horse. Start on the ground and get it to where you can pull your horses head to the girth area with light pressure. Make sure you work both sides equallly.

Next using probably an o-ring or a d-ring, flex you horse, on the ground still, with the bit. After your horse gets the hang of that, get on and try again. Make sure before you release the pressure that your horse is standing still and gives to the pressure.

Next go at a walk and occasionally flex or bend a circle. Remeber work both sides equally. Once your horse gets that: add more speed.

This was featureed in one of Clinton Anderson's dvd's, and it has helped my horse with her leads, because if they have to flex that way, that lead gets easier, so they will become more comfortable with it.

Another thing would be to just lope circles on that lead, slowly adding speed. Letting your horse strengthen that side of the body.

barrelracer892 07-23-2010 12:56 PM

I used to have a problem getting my old horse's left lead and getting him to keep it once he got it. Rollbacks helped out and just loping on that lead a lot also helped out, especially in circles. I also agree that flexing helps out a lot!
One method I do a lot is what my boss calls "drop-to-trot lead changes." Some trainer out there probably has a different name for it though. Canter in a large circle and slowly dwindle down (without decreasing speed) into smaller circles, and once your horse trots, immediately reverse inside the circle and immediately canter away in the other direction and do the same thing. Don't make your horse trot, let her do it on her own. Just use a deep seat the whole time you're doing this exercise. It really helps out with leads and transitions, and also with practicing putting those hindquarters down. Maybe it'll help your horse strengthen her left side. Good luck!! :]

xEquestrianx 07-25-2010 08:46 PM

hmmm I seemed do be a litle confusing haha. She does flex very well ( in snaffle or whatever else), and she will go on the lead and do flying changes on and off of it, but she won't go as fast on it...

ilovesonya 07-26-2010 03:38 PM

Just practice on the slower lead, letting her muscles strengthen. That may be why she wont go as fast, because her muscles can't handle going faster. Maybe work her a little more and a little harder on that lead, to work the muscles.

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