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kitten_Val 02-08-2008 11:13 AM

Bell boots
Sorry for really stupid question, but... I do use bell boots now for turns out when there is snow (must say it really helped thanks to everyone advice!). However I've seen people riding and jumping with rubber bell boots on. Is there any particular advantage or reason doing that?

appylover31803 02-08-2008 12:38 PM

i lunge and jump my horse with bell boots. It's to protect the front hoof from overreaching, but when i lunge and jump the chance increases. When she first started jumping, she'd hit the pole with her hoof, so thats why i got them. Now if she does, she'll hit the bell boot.

I also put her bell and splint boots on when i let her run like the wind in an arena. She just gets so happy to run that i'm afraid she'll nic herself.

That all i use bell boots for :D

kitten_Val 02-08-2008 12:50 PM

So I do assume it's mainly for jumping. I don't plan any jumping with her, so I'm OK. :)

appylover31803 02-08-2008 01:02 PM

I'm glad i could help Kitten_Val

kitten_Val 02-08-2008 02:19 PM

Yep, that's certainly was helpful. Thanks, Appy!

Mandy 02-08-2008 03:07 PM

I ride my horse in bell boots because he overstrides and I don't want him to pull off his front shoes.

He likes to pull them off and fling them around the arena though...

upnover 02-08-2008 07:08 PM

actually any horse that tends to overreach and pull front shoes off can benefit from bell boots regardless of what discipline you ride.

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