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alex0815 02-08-2008 11:34 PM

agistment and training opportunities
hi my name is alex.
i have been riding since i was about four years old, and i have been taking lessons since i was five, so thats about ten years now. Currently, i am training and taking care of a horse and yet i still have a fair bit of spare time in which i have absolutly nothing to do, and i would like to change that.

I have been around horses all my life, and the horse i currently train and take care of, used to be unfit, not flexible, uncomfortable and not easy to ride, simply because his owner wasn't doing all the work she should have done with him. So he came to our place, and i ride him every day, and he has become a beautiful, easy to ride, soft in the mouth horse, and would now make a great dressage or showjumping horse, if his owner wanted him to be.

I am a confident rider, and i have a very soft hand. I am also very light, so i can ride big ponies as well as horses. I am more into showjumping than into dressage, however i am a good dressage rider too. I absolutly adore horses and i love doing anything to do with riding and grooming.

so if you are going away, don't have time to ride your horse as much as you'd like it to be ridden, e-mail me and maybe we can work something out.
My parents have also agreed that a horse can stay at our place so i would take care of it as well as ride it every day, which is ideal if you are going on holiday.
I live in Eudlo, which is close to Mooloolah, palmwoods and nambour, so if you live in the area, i could also come to your place a few times a week and ride your horse ro pony if you want.

So yeah, if you ever need someone to train your horse, just e-mail and i guarantee a response.


LadyDreamer 02-09-2008 02:20 AM

Personally, I don't need you, though you sound like a blast to talk to. Very confident, and know your stuff.

BUT, I think it would help if you gave your location. :wink: Good luck to you, and I hope you move up in the ranks of horse stardom.

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