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kayhmk 07-08-2010 10:37 PM

Good, concise guide to Western Riding?
Hi y'all,

I have been riding western for a bit over a decade now and finally came to the conclusion that I could seriously add a basic western riding guide to my library.

The trouble I've found with many Western Riding books is that they aim to educate the reader about as many different class/sport as possible.
Instead, I'd like to have a book that would concentrate on how to ride western: what aids you use and why, how to turn, how to perfect your jog, how to measure your stirrups, how to execute side-pass, etc.
I guess something like a "How to train for Western Trail" could work too, if it started from zero (or as close to zero as humanly possible).

Do you know any such books? Which one would be a good buy?
Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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