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purplefoal 07-09-2010 06:42 PM

Name for Buckskin Colt
I've got a three year old buckskin colt that's in need of a barn name..... and a show name! Any ideas? He's really pretty and really quiet and small (pony size).

I really need some help!!

I might post some photos later... as soon as I get them.

Thanks soo much!

purplefoal 07-09-2010 07:30 PM

What do you guys think of Cobweb?

payette 07-09-2010 07:56 PM

Cobweb is kinda cute :D
All the names I can think of are so cliche'. . .like Buckshot. . .

Skipsfirstspike 07-10-2010 01:38 AM

I love Cobweb! So cute. Post pics asap, it is easier to brainstorm when we can see what he looks like.

purplefoal 07-10-2010 12:07 PM

Hey you guys! I've been calling him Cholo for the time being... I just kind of called him that and it stuck, but I still am looking for ideas for show and call names! Here are some pictures:

The one on the left:

Lovehorsesandrunning 07-10-2010 12:11 PM

For a barn name i always like the Name Leo, or Rio, I like cobweb but i dont think it fits him.. hes cute(:

SorrelHorse 07-10-2010 01:14 PM

Just don't name him Bucky. That never leads to a good place o.o

I would probably end up callin him Reno...But that's because I had a buckskin horse named Reno. His name was Made In Reno and his full sister wascalled Made in Caramel ha ha ^^
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TheRoughrider21 07-10-2010 04:16 PM

Rush-Rushin' for the Money
Taz-Tazmanian MoneyMaker
Mac-Big Mac Attack
Pointer-Point and Shoot
Charger-i have a show name for this but I have in written in one of my notebooks and I cant think of it now...I'll post it later =)

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