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sinsin4635 07-10-2010 04:33 AM

Hello from Norco, CA.
So, i guess it's about time i introduce myself, i've been lurking about for months now! My name is Cindy. I live in Norco CA. ( horse capital u.s.a.) I have always loved horses & got my first horse when i was 11 years old. She was an Appy mare, she taught me alot!, & i loved her, but i must say that me & my boy (Modoc) have a truly rare & uniqe type of bond! Now i know what ur thinkin., everybody's got a bond with thier horse, & i can totally relate cause i've had bonds with a few horses., but nothing can compare to the kind of bond you get when you tame a wild mustang! Let me tell my story.,... It was about 7 years ago, the BLM was having an adoption in Norco so i went to check it out. Well everyone was saying, "you need to get a young one, easier to tame", but i didn't see any i cared for, in fact, the one that i saw & wanted is the one that i got! It just so happend that he was 5 years old & never been touched except to get branded & gelded , so of coarse in his eyes, all humans were evil! So anyway, he managed to get his halter off before we got home! So it took months of me squatting down, holding my arm out with some hay or whatever, not even looking at him,before he would stretch his neck out to get the treat.Then it was still another month before i could actually touch him! It was a long , slow process to when i finally got on him, but by then he totally trusted me & never offered to kick or buck or anything! I would'nt trade him for anything or sell him for any amount of money! Yep, it's a bond you just can't get from a domesticated horse, & unless you've experiened it for yourself, you could never really know what i'm talking about.I'm sure there is at least a couple people on here that have been through a similer sitch?? Anyway, i'll shutup for now but i would love to hear about other peoples mustangs! By the way, my boys name is Modoc cause thats where he came from, Modoc county. TTFN :D

RedTree 07-10-2010 06:36 AM

Wow that is amaazing I hope to one day adopt a brumby(wild horses in Australia) but that day is far off yet lol.
Right now I have a tb who I love to bits :)
Cant wait to hear some more stories

sinsin4635 07-10-2010 10:53 PM

Thanx redtree
wow, if you had'nt replied i would'nt of gotten any! :cry: Thought i would get a warmer welcome than that! Hmmm, mabey nobody likes mustangs on here.

SouthernTrails 07-11-2010 09:35 AM

We had a Mustang at the Farm for many years till the owner moved.

She was a very gentle and loyal Horse

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