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MissH 07-10-2010 02:43 PM

Opportunity is Knocking
Well. If I told you three weeks ago that I would be putting an offer in on a horse, I wouldn't have believed it. Probably would have laughed. I was thinking I may start looking in spring of 2011 - but was definitely not mentally prepared for a purchase right now.

Then opportunity knocked.

There was a situation at my barn that was fairly desperate I would call it, and the owner (who is wonderful) had to get rid of her horse by August 1. When I found out about the situation I was floored - I never would've expected it. Of all horses on the farm, this is the only one I would've been interested in actually purchasing. She is fantastic. Gorgeous mover. She's 5, Trak/Perch cross, with a super attitude and the kindest soul I have ever met. Super sound (knock on wood) and super sane.

Anyways, suffice it to say I off the cuff made an offer, never thinking it would be accepted...and it was. I was THRILLED, and somewhat panicked at the same time.

Test ride two was last night. My coach kicked my ass and pushed me because she knew I was apprehensive about how much talent this mare has. She is more talented then I am at this point and that was a bit intimidating. I'm a good rider, but this mare is definitely a step up movement wise and it threw me for a loop. Her trot is huge and floaty, and sitting it is quite the challenge at this point. Because she is so sane and kind, she was a champ at handling "me getting used to her". I should note that her canter is a dream, its just her trot that's a little intimidating.

So after last night's test ride it was sort of decision making time - you can't test ride your life away. So I said pending vet check it was a go.

Have others here had similar experiences regarding horses that were super talented and that they had to "catch up to" so to speak? How did things go in the beginning?

We also had a long talk about personal goals, pressure, and burnout. I'm very hard on myself, and wasn't sure if this was the right decision for me just yet as I was worried that if I couldn't make it out 6-7 nights a week it would automatically make me "one of those crappy owners". The conversation went really well, and she completely understood. I'm sure some of you have gone through burn out with this hobby before - can any of you give me some stories about how you kept yourself from burning out?

ridergirl23 07-10-2010 02:57 PM

OOOO congrats!!!!! :D

When i gto my horse in augest last year, she was WAY ahead of m skill level! but i rode at my skill level, didnt try to do anything fancy until my coach said i was ready for it. Sometimes you need a horse that is a big jump up from where you were, just to get your butt in gear and working hard on riding. I am finally up to her level, and actually pushing her out of her comofort zone, and OMG I LOVE IT! she is so amazing when We are at the same level!!!!!!!!
If you work hard and try hard to improve your riding, trust me, you will catch up with her VERY soon!

Careful the horse doesnt have a burnout too, every once in a while my mare needs a break, be it two days, or five, sometimes we crowd them with our own lives, that they get bored. Sometimes its good to take a few days off, even if you really dont want too! I went to my grandmas for two days this week, and i almost DIED i wanted to ride so badly, butt it was good for me because it keeps me refreshed, and also keeps the horse refreshed!

6-7 days doesnt make you a good owner, caring for your horse does. Ive seen owners that were out at the barn ONCE a week! and they were better owners then some people that were out everyday. personally i think the ideal is 4, 5 or 6 days a week.
Just make sure your horse has proper care, and knwo you love him ;)

i want to see pictures!!!!!

ilovesonya 07-10-2010 03:18 PM

^^^^ I agree with what ridergirl23 said.

I also want to see pictures! She sounds gorgeous by your decription. What colour is she?

GloriaJaney 07-10-2010 04:17 PM

When I got my horse a year ago, he was way ahead of me as I had only ridden ranch/cow horses my whole life and he was an accomplished show horse. But I credit him with truly teaching me how to ride. He was so patient and understanding and he didn't care that I was up there flopping around on him. He never once acted cranky and now we're a great team and we're on track to learn new things once again, together this time.

Also, when I first got him, I had a crazy work schedule and I only made it to my barn 2 or 3 nights a week. But I had a few great girls out there that kept an eye on him, lunged him once in a while for me, and were very understanding with me until I could make it out as regularly as I wanted to.

My horse and I went to school together, a college equine riding & training program, and it was very demanding. He got worked up to three times a day, 5 days a week, but luckily he was the kind of horse that loves that. Every day he just could not wait to get out of his stall and go do hard work, and he always did his best. Usually I worked him once a day during the weekends, just to keep him up, but not for more than 30-45 minutes, and during the weekends he got lots of outside, laying in the sun time.

Just listen to your instincts about your horses and about how much you can handle, and you'll always be fine! If there's something wrong, you'll be the first to feel it, and if you do feel it, don't ignore it!

MissH 07-10-2010 06:02 PM

There are awesome stories! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

I will 100% post photos. I told someone else that I'd only post photos once the cheque was handed over and it was official. Didn't want to jynx it!

As for her color - she is an steel/iron gray. I'm sure all people say this about their horses...but she literally took my breathe away when I saw her. She'll probably end up dappled...she's sort of like that now. And on her face she has a mottled white star that runs into the rest of her face right in the center. :oops: Such a big crush!!

MissH 07-11-2010 06:19 PM

Does anyone else have stories of pacing yourself/burnout? Or perhaps a situation where you found the right horse at the wrong time and went through with it anyways? I'd love to hear more.

equiniphile 07-11-2010 06:30 PM

Ooh good luck with her! waiting on pics!
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