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Pro 07-12-2010 12:05 AM

How to teach my horse to bow
I would like to hear how you go about training it. I the knee bow best.


abbyshamrock 07-12-2010 01:29 PM

I have never trained a horse how to bow before. But I have watched a handful of times! One of the trainers at my barn is teaching his Saddlebred mare how to do it and it seems pretty simple.
He started with tying a rope around the right front foot of the horse. He than tied the other end to a pole or the side of the rail of the round pin he was working in. after doing that, he grabbed a long lash lunge whip and taped the leg that isn't tied back till her knee hit the ground. The horse eventually got it after a couple days of doing this. It didn't seem hard to do. But it also depends on the horse you want to do this with.

Pro 07-12-2010 11:22 PM


but does anyone know of a way to do it without ropes...?

ridergirl23 07-12-2010 11:51 PM

this is how i taught the BO's mini how to bow, i used a rope way to get my old horse to bow. I looped a lunge line around the horses foot, then brought it up the other side of the horse and over the back of the hrose, then hold onto the rope, hole a treat in between your horses legs and let him reach for it, each day bring it back farther and farther so eventually the horse will touch his knee to the ground... he may panic and stand up quickly, thats why i like holding the rops, so he can stand-up. After a few times he will stop panicking.


GypseCowgirl 07-13-2010 12:23 AM

Both work...just be sure to give your horse a specific cue on or behind the shoulder somewhere....if you don't every time you go to pick up her feet to clean them...she will bow, which is cute at first...but not if you are trimmer!!! :o)

GypseCowgirl 07-13-2010 12:33 AM


Originally Posted by Pro (Post 689350)

but does anyone know of a way to do it without ropes...?

Well you can use your own works too, I will say a rope is safer for you and your feet. You can stand facing forward and use a favorite treat between the front legs too. Hold the treat behind the legs or off to the side (if want a cute little head tilt with your bow) If your kid is food motivated that works well. I've done both. Just be sure to use a cotton rope. I don't tie mine...I usually just hod it up...again unless your kid is really stuborn...then you may want to loop it around. Don't use your cue at first...wait till the get the behavior down...then introduce the cue....then of course always reward. Best of luck!:mrgreen:

Equestrian0263 07-14-2010 10:04 AM

Well i taught my horse to bow by using treats, but no ropes. we where just doing it for fun. i started with taking a carrot and pulling it down towards her knees so she brought her head down. eventually i would bring the carrott between her legs and towards the ground, and if i had her legs in the correct position, when she brought herself down she would do a nice clean bow. It's probably not the best way to go about doing it, but hey. i was just teaching her for kicks and giggles.

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