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MIEventer 07-12-2010 09:32 AM

Clinic with an Advanced Eventer
Oh my goodness gracious! Nelson and I had a BLAST yesterday. We signed up for specific clinic offered through our Eventing Organization to ride with a local Eventer named Sue Moessner. She is a very talented and educated rider who is climbing the Eventing Ladder very well.

I learnt so much from her, and this specific clinic was focusing on establishing a proper Coffin Canter and how to use it for particular fences while out on the CC course.

Establishing it was very difficult for me, because I wanted to use alot of seat, but with Nelson I cannot do that, because I cut him in 1/2. So Sue worked 1 on 1 with me quite often to help me ride to meet Nelson's particular needs.

We worked on establishing a Coffin Canter for water obsticles because in the water our horses feet slow down, but we as the rider must establish that pop/energy in order to beable to ride through it, jump through it and out of it.

We also worked on the importancies of a Coffin Canter for Ditches and actual Coffin fences, and also for table tops and platforms.

I had a great time! Sue moved Nelson and I up to Training Level because we were riding the Novice fences with ease and excitement.

She was surprised at the end of the clinic to hear that Nelson is 21! She told me that he would of easily gone 4* in his younger days, because he was ALOT of pop/spark and "Go get er" personality. She told me Nelson is the type of horse that many Top Level Eventers look for because he's the horse that would carry them well and successfully.

I was swooning! lol.

Anyways, here are some pictures:

LOVE this picture! This is a Training Level drop into the water. And Sue had us gallop through establishing a Coffin Canter *was very tough for me* without sitting on his back, and then she had us jumping out over a Training Level Log. We failed 3 times, and got it right the 4th time. lol Everytime we failed, she would ask me what I did wrong and what am I going to do to correct was "upstairs" but doing it is another story.

Training Level Ditch:

Listening to Sue discuss importancies of Coffin Canters while doing ditches:

Then some vids:

This one sue was incorporating drop fences. We were just going down it and back up it and repeat..

Then this one, we are incorporating water. Jumping in, Coffin Canter through, Jump out, jump the drop, and come back and repeat. lol

This one is the 3rd attempt through the Training Drop, Coffin Canter through and jump out over a Training Log. I was getting frustrated at this point because I couldn't get the jump out correct.

That's when Sue said to me "You can't sit on this horses back" and I had to go back to my Functional 2 Point, while establishing the Coffin Canter - the 4th time, we got it right. Whew.

This one was alot of fun! Jumping a Training Level Hedge, to a Novice 1/2 Coffin, to a Trianing Level 1/2 Coffin, to the Training Level Platforms *I always forget the name of these blasted things* to a Training Level Trak fence.

I had so much fun! I have OOOBER TONS of homework to do. Lots of flat work establishing controlability through my core and chest, and Coffin Canters. Whew.

Our next HT is August 15th, and were DOING NOVICE! *keeps fingers crossed that Nelson doesn't hurt himself from now and then* lol

kitten_Val 07-12-2010 10:19 AM

Congrats on having so much fun! The 1st pic is absolutely the best horse ever! :lol:

MIEventer 07-12-2010 05:37 PM

lol, Kitten - Nelson SPOOKED at that jump. He actually walked up to it with an arched neck, pawing with his front right leg and snorting.

He sniffed the nostrils of the wooden face, actually thinking it was another horse.

It was quite funny!

MIEventer 07-12-2010 08:01 PM

I have to correct myself - the ditches I did were not Training, but were Novice. My mistake. My lil' buddy who rode with me, told me that the one on the left of the ditch I did was Training.

Here's a closer picture of the ditch. This is my 12 year old Eventing Buddy and his 18 year old OTTB gelding. But you can get a better idea of the ditch.

So my appologies! The ditch was not Training, but Novice.

My Beau 07-12-2010 11:56 PM

WOW! Look at you guys go! I'm glad you learned alot and had fun :)
I've never heard of coffin canter - what is that?

Nelson is for sure my favorite older eventer!! He looks amazing as always :)
Good luck moving up to novice - woohoo!

haleylvsshammy 07-12-2010 11:56 PM

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Your position looked so fantastic! Good luck competing at novice! Make sure you have pictures! :D

Gidji 07-13-2010 12:19 AM

Nelson and you look amazing as always. It never fails to amaze me that he's 21. What's a coffin canter, btw? I've never heard of it.

kitten_Val 07-13-2010 07:26 AM


Originally Posted by MIEventer (Post 688920)
lol, Kitten - Nelson SPOOKED at that jump. He actually walked up to it with an arched neck, pawing with his front right leg and snorting.

He sniffed the nostrils of the wooden face, actually thinking it was another horse.

It was quite funny!

I can believe THAT! :D Did you ever ride in the arena with mirrors? That was the funniest experience I ever had with my horses - my stupid paint was not persuaded it's not another horse even after I let her sniff the mirror like 5 times (qh was smart enough to realize it's nothing but the image on 1st introduction).

I'm curious too - what is coffin canter?

HalfPass 07-13-2010 09:01 AM

The two of you are looking really good. No one would ever think Nelson is in his 20's.
I love the two of you coming off theat bank into the water. I am super jealoous as I haven't done that in years and I miss it!
You guys rock Sista!

MIEventer 07-13-2010 09:14 AM

Thanks Ladies!!! The Clinitian was surprised to hear his age too!

A Coffin Canter, is a very very very very very very important gait while out on CC. I thought it was only to be used for Coffins.

What are Coffin Fences? They are 3 jumps with about 1 to 2 strides inbetween. You could jump in over an oxer, 1,2 strides to a Ditch, another 1,2 strides to another oxer out.

That's why it is called a coffin canter, because to do the combination, you have to have a very collected, pop/snappy energy from behind, with your horse giving you the feeling that they are up here *puts hand up at forehead*

It has to be a powerful canter, but controlled and the energy contained on your horses back end.

You need to use it more than one thinks. You need this gait for drops, you need it for jumping up, for all water complexes, combinations, coffin's.

It's like a Stadium Jumping Canter, but more energized, more powerful. If you are compeating at levels from Novice and up, it is very, very important to learn this gait.

Does that make sense?

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