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Broski1984 07-14-2010 09:54 AM

Pony/Small Horse Mare + Donkey Jack (Bloomington, IN)
I'm cutting back on the number of animals I have, so I've decided to try and sell Eliza and Ben, if the home is right.

Now, my full knowledge of these animals is sort of limited; I know they both came from an auction originally, and not much else.

Eliza is a 2 year old gray mare, standing perhaps 12HH right now. It doesn't look like she'll grow much more (although I'm sure she will a little), as in the 3-4 months I've owned her, she hasn't grown more than 1/4th an inch, if that.

When I got her, she was incredibly thin (you could see all her bones; she basically looked like a skeleton) and skittish. She looks a lot better now, and her behaviour has improved drastically.

She will lead, load, stand, tie, clip, stand to be groomed (she LOVES being brushed, actually), pick up her front feet (she was the one I was having problems with picking up the back feet; this could be trained out), stand for being bathed (she seems to enjoy her baths) and lunge. She is an easy to train horse, and while she has a LOT of energy, she is hardly a crazy or aggressive horse.

I'm guessing she has some sort of trotter in her, as she will trot faster than some of my other horses run in the roundpen. She also gaited a few times for me, but this is rare, and I'm not selling her as gaited.

She has been backed a couple of times, for a few minutes; due to her small size, us not exactly being tiny people and her age, we haven't done it often or stayed on long. She did great, however; no buck, no freaking out. I believe she'd be easy to break.

She can be bossy towards other mares, but loves geldings; they're all her boyfriends. She shows off to them, but doesn't act marish with people.

She is UTD on worming, her feet were trimmed about 3 weeks ago and she had her shots about 4 months ago. I can get her shot record.

I'm asking $200 for her.

Older picture of her:

Horrible, but new picture of "Derp Horse", as my friends call her:

Next up we have Ben.

All I know about Ben's life before we got him is that his original owners were extremely mean to him; according to the man *we* got him from (who was nice to him, but didn't have the time for him), the original owners are notorious for hitting their animals with the lead-rope and kicking them.

It shows in Ben. He's very skittish of ropes and people in general. He's a sweetheart over the fence, where he knows you can't get him, and once you have him he's great, too. He just is a pain to catch.

I believe he used to guard goats, but I'm not sure how well he did.

He's 5-6 years old, about 44 inches tall (give or take), black roan in color (so we've been told) and he needs to be gelded. He ties, bathes, stands to be groomed and loads; everything else we either haven't done, or he's hard for.

His hooves need work, and we've only had them trimmed once. We're planning on getting them done Friday. He's UTD on shots and worming.

He is good with horses, but will not breed mares (he doesn't act like a stud, we've never seen him do anything, he ran with mares for over a year with the guy we got him from and no foals were had, and our mares go into heat every month). I'm not sure about jennies, but he seems to not like other donkeys, period.

I'm asking $125 for him.

Neither picture is good. He is 100% shedded out now, and looks better than he looked in the second picture.

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