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Just Ruthiey 07-14-2010 03:01 PM

Helps... new horse.
I am getting a new horse, since Blaze passed away at the end of March. I am getting a free lease on a 4yr old Holsteiner gelding, Khanner. He is pretty beat up but is a sweet heart.
The lady says that he will do anything you ask, yea sure right, but my large problem is that she forgot his bit, my bit didn't fit, the norm crap that people like to throw out. I have only been led around on him.
I will be bringing him home Thursday the 15th, tomorrow. I have a huge field & I don't want him to think that its 'go time'.

I was wondering if you lovelies would be willing to give me training tips. He is a sweet guy but I have never really had my hands on him like I would like.

I have trained before, not a large deal but those were horses that were off the track. They knew how to stop (for the most part) or they just needed to be refreshed in what it means to slow down. Khanner is like a clean slate.

Any & all help would be great!
Post pictures later, thanks so very much.
(Sorry for the typos, I am doing 75 million things at once)

hrsrdr 07-17-2010 04:48 PM

Does he lounge? That will tell you a lot about how he moves and responds to you...I did it once on a TB I was trying out, whose owner didn't want to ride him first...I put him around at WTC and knew pretty well what to expect when I got on him! Plus it will get some extra energy out of him and help him not be so fresh when you go out in the field.

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