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MemoryForStormy 02-11-2008 10:31 AM

Growing Up Baby: On the Way and Trouble with Family
:( Unfortunately I am not sure how to respond to everything going on within the family over this foal, but let me tell the story. A great story.

My spotted saddle horse stallion, Apache, got with my aunt's QH mare named Penny a while back (we think last Valentine's day). So in about 2-4 weeks she will drop now. She is round and swaying with her steps and calm as a button (she used to be a broodmare, and is the Granddaughter of Impressive).

The family issue has to deal with half claiming of it, since both animals were involved of course. Alot has been going on between my aunt and I and she has gotten very snobby with me lately so my dad says now he doesn't want the foal. That we have 3 horses already (none are to my name) and I have to get rid of one to get this one.

I need advice and any help for ideas on raising the foal if I ever do get to keep it. My aunt never works her horses.....messes them up..but I want to do it right.

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Vidaloco 02-12-2008 07:58 AM

First off it probably wasn't a great idea to breed the Impressive mare without knowing her hypp statis. Since it was an accidental breeding I guess thats a moot point. The foal should go to the owner of the mare if there was no agreement made prior to breeding. I want to add, if you are having problems containing your stallion you need to have him gelded. I know in some states there are laws governing stallion housing, fences have to be 6' high etc.

Edit: You might be nicer to your aunt. I know in Kansas the person who has an animal tresspassing on their property has the right to keep the animal until all damages and upkeep are paid and fence inspected. There are a lot of laws that may have been broken. She hasn't brought suit against you yet so bear that in mind when dealing with her.

Sara 02-12-2008 11:05 AM

What Vida said.

MemoryForStormy 02-12-2008 02:32 PM

She is HYPP negative as is all of her foals. The problem with the accident going on was my aunt brought the mare into the barn (she lets them run into the stalls by themselves with barriers around. While my aunt was still in the field, (the stallion we have to board there since we don't have a farm), the mare busted through fencing out of heat and got with him. My aunt saw it and eventually got hold of her.

The problem with my aunt is that she doesn't have children and never has been married so she thinks we are hers. I know I must respect her but she is always hitting us for no reason or putting us down. She cusses us out over and over about things saying we aren't doing it right when we actually are. She gives us guilt trips to do things for her like, bringing in wood or the baby chicks will die of coldness. When she has plenty of time to do it and she is just reading.'s a really rough situation but my mom says my dad only said that because he doesn't want trouble if my aunt decides to get an attitude.

Vidaloco 02-12-2008 06:28 PM

Its probably best to let your parents and Aunt sort out who the foal belongs to. Since you are depending on her for the board of your horses its best not to cause to much of a fuss. Sometimes this sort of thing can cause a major rift in a family and I would hate to hear that she has decided you can't keep your horses there anymore. If you can afford to board them someplace else it might be a better situation for all concerned.

MemoryForStormy 02-13-2008 11:16 AM

Well we are trying hard to find money and my dad promises if we hit the lottery we can get a ranch. We have had multiple attempts but I think it is best to wait until I am out of high school.

Sara 02-13-2008 12:10 PM

Ugh...that is not a mess I would want to be in.

Vidaloco 02-13-2008 07:14 PM

No kidding :lol: I stay out of family stuff completely. Don't involve family in finances or love is a good motto. :lol:

MemoryForStormy 02-14-2008 10:42 AM

I agree Vidaloco. It's something to stay out of so I am. I was planning to make a book on the foal, about it's life after we have faced in the past 8 years 2 foals lost from another of mine....
It's been real rough around the farm for foals.

But now I want to make another book. Any opinions on doing a book filled with photographs of all different horses?

Vidaloco 02-14-2008 06:52 PM

There are all sorts of choices on horse books. Different breeds, rare breeds, famous horses. horses in history. I like finding out what horse generals rode in battle. What there names were what breed etc. I read a book called Traveler years ago. It was written in the horses perspective. He was General Lees horse in the civil war.

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