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aspin231 07-17-2010 01:15 AM

Going Over Water- So Proud!!!
So, a little background on my horse. Whiskey was abused by a "trainer" before I got him (2 weeks before, actually). You know the usual jazz- whip, spur, whip more, spur more, slice the tongue with a knife, etc. Which left me with a psychotic mental rearing, bolting, bucking, spinning, not moving forward, and overall scared sh!tless gelding... His owners were going to ship him to slaughter if I didn't take him.

That was a year and a half ago. And yesterday he crossed a creek for me!!! Oh, right, I didn't mention how he was trained to water. Well, you see, his old owners dug a pit, 5' deep, 10' wide, filled it with water then whipped him across with a buggy whip. hmmm.........

And today, we rode to the swimming hole again, just two horses/riders this time, and went bareback. We have to cross two creeks to get there- and he did- IN THE LEAD!!!!!!!! To top it off, he then SWAM, hooves off the bottom, in to the water at the swimming hole! You can see my avatar for a visual of this :D.

I love Whiskey. He is turning out to be such a good boy. He is moving off my leg, going bareback w/t/c/g, or saddled, going out alone, for as long as I ask him to, and barely refusing anything. At all. And he's not spooky. Such a good boy.

Just thought I'd share.

You CAN take a horse from slaughter-bound to trusty steed, it just takes patience.

Kashmere 07-17-2010 01:21 AM

Oh my gosh!
What a wonderful experience that must've been!
What a lucky horse Whiskey is for having you as an owner!!

aspin231 07-17-2010 01:43 AM

He just gets better and better.
Honestly there were times I wanted to kill him, the ******* ( turning his head while I was mounted and BITING my leg and bruising it/breaking skin, for instance) but it pays off! I knew it would so I stuck to it.
Taking in a rescue is more than worth it, as long as you're ready for a war zone.

speedy da fish 07-17-2010 07:37 AM

Your horse sounds wonderful, is your avatar a picture of you and him? it looks like fun!

He has a sad story but this next chapter sounds like it is going so much better for him. He trusts people again, because of you! It takes a lot of trust for a horse to cross water like that, any horse, let alone an abused one.

Well done and good luck with him! xxx

aspin231 07-17-2010 12:42 PM

Thanks for your words of encouragement!
Yes, my avatar is of us swimming yesterday. I was too proud to wait to share it!!!

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