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hrsrdr 07-17-2010 04:33 PM

Looking For Eventer in CO!
Hey everybody,

Some of you know I am looking for a horse, and one member reccomended that I put up a "wanted" post here, so here I am. :-)

Anyway, I'm an (almost) 15-year old rider looking for a horse to take me up the levels in eventing and pony club...we need the horse to have some experience in dressage and jumping, but it doesn't need to have competed yet. 16-17hh, 5-12 years old. We have our own little 5-acre property with a small barn; your horse would get regular turnout time plus a roomy stall for eating and sleeping in. I'm a C1 level pony clubber (about equivalent to beginner novice level eventing) and have a great trainer. I'm looking for a horse to take me Novice and current horse, Indy, is starting to have some trouble keeping up at that level. Our price range is around $5,000 max (which is part of the reason we're having such a hard time finding a horse) and we prefer not to leave Colorado to look at a horse. A little green is OK, as long as the horse has a good mind and is athletic. If anybody is selling a horse that fits this description or knows of somebody who is, please let me know! We've been looking since the beginning of 2010 so I'm trying every possible resource. Thanks!

Zenkcc 07-21-2010 12:28 AM

I know you said you wanted to stay inside CO but i have an eventer mare that I am trying desperately to place in PA. There is a thread about here on here, you should check it out if you are still looking... she is very inexpensive due to our circumstances...

haleylvsshammy 07-21-2010 01:30 AM

I searched for you. I said must be in Colorado, max price $5,000, 16-17hh, 5-12yrs, and I found some LOVELY horses. Horse ID: 1559315 - Ace --- Eventing prospect, $4,000, 16.1, jumping 3'3" Horse ID: 1565879 - McCool --- Eventing prospect, $4,500, 16hh, jumping 2'6"- 2'9" potential to go higher Horse ID: 1572726 - Uncle Bert (Gatsby) --- My personal favorite, proven eventer, $5,000, 16hh, jumping 3'6" with ease!

I hope this helped and good luck finding a horse!

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