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Broski1984 07-18-2010 03:52 PM

Bad Reaction to Bees (Or Something)
My mother's horse, Phin, recently got sick after something bit him on the face.

According to her, he stopped eating all his feed Weds., ate none of it Thurs., would barely eat his hay/drink Fri., and that was when she got worried. She isn't very good at telling me if something is up, and Phin doesn't really like me, so I didn't notice it myself. :/

When I looked at him Fri., he was mildly dehydrated, he was very weak (looked like he'd fall over), he'd only eaten a little of his hay (which he preffers over feed) and drank a little, and he had a HUGE lump under his chin. He was also running a low fever.

At first, I of course assumed strangles, but he hasn't been around any new/strange horses, and it didn't really seem to match up. Upon further examination, he had what looked like a bite mark or stinger mark. The area wasn't puss-y, but was sore and hot.

We injected him with penicilin (sp?), gave him horse-asprin and waited 'til morning for the vet. Next day, he ate more and drank more; gave him two more shots that day, as advised by the vet (who came by and said it looked like several beestings, and that he was probably allergic). Gave him another shot this morning... he's almost back to normal now; fever is gone, swelling going down, etc.

Any idea what got him? Does it sound like beestings? The vet sort of looked at it, said "yup" and left. :/

Incidentally, the rest of the group seems fine.

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