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Eolith 07-22-2010 11:03 AM

Nothing to Describe
I just had to share a special moment with everyone. Yesterday I had the good fortune to go to the dentist for two fillings. I thought it would only take an hour tops... nope. Two and a half hours. Something they were doing wasn't turning out right and they had to grind it down and try again twice. The long and short of it was, by the time I was leaving the office I was having a mini meltdown of absolute misery. I got home only to be confronted with questions questions questions from my mom and sister, but with my mouth still half numb I wasn't feeling talkative and retreated to my room to wallow in my self pity.

You know when there doesn't seem to be anyone in the world who could possibly make you feel better? Well, that's where a dog comes in. Any dog will do really, but in my case it was a 7 lb mini dachshund who climbed up into bed with me and allowed me to hug her tightly to my chest for an hour and a half while I pulled myself back together again. There are no words to describe how blessed I felt to have her there, quiet and warm and reassuring.

It's amazing how much our critters can make such a huge positive difference for us. Dogs, horses, cats... they all have an uncanny way of being there when you really, really need them.

Thank you Lexie!

inaclick 07-22-2010 11:40 AM

N'awwwwwwwwhh! :-) So precious!

That is lovely and you are completely right. We're all blessed with the unconditioned affection and surprising empathy that our pets show us from time to time.

cakemom 07-22-2010 11:45 AM

Shes a doll! They give so fully of themselves don't they.
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