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Pro 07-22-2010 06:29 PM

Equine Canada Riding Levels & CANtra
Has anyone done any of these?

I'm going for my western levels 1-4 (now that I've finally found someone to test me), and level 3 for english.

I'd like to get them done, both western How to Become Certified - Equine Canada - Hippique Canada , and english How to Become Certified - Equine Canada - Hippique Canada , as well as my CanTRA CanTRA - CTRAI Information (which I'm allowed to start early because of all the support from the therapy center here!!!!).

I'm just cerious to see if anyone has done any of this, and is certified and can give me some advice and help with anything I've said, but mostly with my western riding levels right now.

I'm going to test for 1&2 next week, but I need some help with 3&4.

Western Learn To Ride Program


Pro 07-27-2010 11:34 PM


Paint Mom 08-05-2010 11:19 PM

Good for you!

I'm not familiar with it, but I think it would be great for you to get the education you need to be a certified teacher!

It's a rewarding job that you will have a great time doing.

Please feel free to PM me any questions you might have about your levels. I have no experience with equine Canada, but I am a certified instructor.

Good luck!

kellylife 08-09-2010 03:06 AM

yeah, it's never too old to learn. Just do it.

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