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twogeldings 07-23-2010 07:05 PM

15yr Gaited TWH cross GELDING ($400)
Quick Info:
LOCATION: Nevada, Missouri, USA.
PRICE: $400 (firm)
UTD ON: Shots, Wormer, Farrier, Sheath cleaned two weeks ago. Teeth due this year.

Name: Sammy
Age: 15 or less
Height: 15hh
Color/Markings: Sorrel w/ star, stripe, snip
Build: Stocky
Breed: Tennessee Walker Cross (possibly Belgian cross)
Preforms In: Walk, Trot/Gait (he does both), Canter, Gallop
Training: ALL GROUNDWORK. Including but not limited too, plastic bags, tarps, water, noises, and flags. Stands tied, bathes, fly sprays, trims and shoes, tacks up, leads, LOADS.
BROKE TO RIDE: Didn't ride in a year, just recently started riding him again. Needs a tune up, but has a big motor. Neck reins, works off leg cues, whoas, etc.
Potential: Trails, Endurance, Roping, Penning, Barrels, Poles, Showing, Driving (may even be suitable for jumping, but I'm a Western rider!)

After much debate I've decided to sell Sammy, my 15 year old Tennessee Walker cross gelding. He is a very well trained horse, his ground manners are impeccable, he is gentle, quite, easy to handle, simple to catch, and doesn't spook at loud noises, plastic bags, tarps, water, chickens, dogs, or cars. He stands tied, tacks up, picks up his feet, and is fine for shots, wormer, fly spray, bathing, and the farrier. He climbs right into the trailer, no fussing or refusing. He's the easiest horse I've ever loaded.

He is broke to ride, but I kept him out at pasture for a year to recover from starvation and neglect. He now weighs in at 1200+lbs with a shiny coat and a stocky build. Not cow hocked, his legs don't go in four different directions. I started riding him again, only in a halter, and after a brief lunging session to work off his excess energy he was a very respectful mount. With the heat it was an unfortunately brief (but fun) ride. He's sensitive to leg cues, neck reins, and has a BIG motor. This is the kind of horse that gets up in the morning, and won't stop working till the sun goes down. He is a FUN mount that WANTS to go, he also trots and gaits.

He's UTD on wormer, shots, and hooves. He just had his sheath cleaned two weeks ago. Only issue is that he needs oil in his feed to fix the otherwise dry, flaky skin on his face and under his mane.

I'm asking $400 for this great, older horse with his current training.
He will need several more tune up rides before he can be considered truly 'dead broke'. I unfortunately haven't been able to ride him as much as I would have liked, due to the heat and no covered arena, you just bake out in the pasture during the day so it's mornings and evenings only. Right now I'm trying to focus on my filly, whom needs to be finished, and my colt who needs to be broke.
I did have him slotted as a future lesson, rodeo, trail, and endurance horse, BUT. I have younger horses to break, finish, and tune up and I really don't want Sam stuck on the back burner again because he's not a training priority.

He has a lot of years left and he wants to be given a job. He would be an awesome roping prospect, he's quick and has the head ans basic training for it. I (unfortunately) don't have cows, and don't have a clue about roping, cutting, penning, etc. but he does have the potential. Plus he's comfortable under saddle.

He isn't very fancy, but he works hard. He was standing funny in the pictures because of the soft ground in the pen.

E-mail, or call/text Anna at 417-684-0560.

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