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mvinotime 07-23-2010 09:23 PM

Cool Calories??
Just looking for feedback/reviews on this product from anyone that might have used it or is currently using it. I am thinking of starting my 7yr old Paint gelding on it. He is a very hard keeper and needs some extra weight. He is currently fed alfalfa (he is VERY picky!) and Elk Grove Senior Stable mix. I am using him more now doing some sorting/penning and he is not getting to or staying at the weight I would like to see. I dont want to give anything with any addtl. protein or anything to make him hot so in my research this seemed like a good option. Any thoughts?? Thanks :)

Peggysue 07-24-2010 09:31 AM

Protien does NOT make a horse hot ... sugars and starches to...

is there a website to the ELk Grove feeds??

Cool Calories is suppose to be good stuff.. but I have never used it

mvinotime 07-24-2010 10:36 AM

Oh no I am not concerned with the protein regarding him being hot....I am concerned with excess on his kidney function due to the fact that he is on alfalfa AND the supplement which also has a good percentage of protein. I just didnt want to add to that load. I am looking to avoid those supplements that do tend to make them hot i.e containing the sugars, etc. so I just wondered if anyone had any good results with this product. Here is the link to the Senior Mix I am feeding currently

Horse, cattle, goat, rabbit pellet feed | Elk Grove Milling | Stable Mix | custom pelleting (888) 346-7649

MyBoyPuck 07-25-2010 09:00 PM

I tried Cool Calories. It didn't help my horse at all, but didn't hurt either. If your horse is a picky eater, know that it smells strongly like bubble gum. Definitely try the smallest size first to see if he likes the taste.

Peggysue 07-26-2010 06:57 AM

I would probably try the Rice Bran Pellets first :)

UnrealJumper 07-26-2010 06:28 PM

I've heard that Cool Calories makes a horse nutty, but I haven't used it so I can't say for sure.

MyBoyPuck 07-26-2010 08:07 PM

I'd try rice bran first too. Most horses love that stuff.

MissPhoebe 07-26-2010 08:53 PM

I use it on my rescued TB and I LOVE it! It adds the calories we need, didn't change her attitude or energy at all, and as an extra added benefit it makes their coat super shiny and it glistens in the sun. It is also very affordable. I think it is only $23 for a 64 day supply.

GCSM16 07-26-2010 11:21 PM

my friends mare went a bit loopy on it, like it made her hotter than usual. I guess each horse is different, once they took her off it she went back to normal.

MIEventer 07-26-2010 11:39 PM

My suggestion,

Turn to a Digestive Aid Suppliment first before you spend countless dollars on a fatening suppliment. Honestly - it doesn't matter what you shove into your horses mouth, regardless of how good of quality of hay being supplied, or how much groceries you buy from the feed store, all of it will be ineffective if your horses digestive system is not processing it correctly or using it efficiantly.

My TB is a hard keeper as well, and I spent countless dollars on hay, grain, fattening suppliments, oils and the list goes on - but nothing worked. I still couldn't get the ribs to dissapear.

It was when I discussed the issue with my Vet and with a SmartPak consultant who said, nothing is going to work until you get his digestive system working correctly.

I was going to go with Cool Calories or even SmartGain, but the consultant told me to not bother, instead start with getting his digestive system back in order, so that it can use all the esentials that his feed gives him, correctly.

So I got him on SmartDigest Ultra, and SmartGut Pellets, and now, my 21 year old TB, who has always been ribby.

I couldn't be more happier. Now that his system is working correctly, I spend less money on the unnecessares.

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