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Zeke 07-24-2010 08:16 PM

Does she need a chiro?
My friend has an older Abrabian mare that she asks me to get out for her whenever I can because she has very little time to do so. About a month ago when I was riding her a little bit more often she was giving me problems, always diving her head to the ground and shaking her head at the trot and sometimes canter.

I haven't ridden the horse in nearly a month for a couple reasons. The biggest one being that the owner one day took the mare on too long of a trail ride and we were giving her a couple days off and more recently the horse was gone for a week long trail vacation. So when the owner rides, its almost always on trail.

Today I put the mare in the round pen for exercise. I've done this before with minimal head shaking but nothing beyond "normal" (not my words but the owners) for this horse. Today however the mare tossed her head in circles nearly every few steps the whole time I had her at the trot. I couldn't get her to stay in a canter very long either and the head tossing/shaking was present still. I'm not an Arab lover (no offense) so I'm far from an expert. I have noticed in my years that many toss their head more then other breeds but is the circle tossing at such a frequency as this mare ok? Is it worth the money and convincing of the owner for the Chiropractor to visit or is this a training issue?

nrhareiner 07-24-2010 08:51 PM

I find a GOOD chiro is never a wast of money. If the horse does not need anything they will tell you and that will be that. I have found over the past 12+ years of using Chiro/Bioscan that the horse can use something just about every time they are out. Might not be much but sometimes it comes down to just maintenance.

Zeke 07-24-2010 08:55 PM

I often feel the same way, something I learned from riding with a reining trainer for awhile a couple years back. It's not my mare though so I want to make sure I'm not crazy in my thinking before asking the owner to please get this horse a chiro check.

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