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Showjumper423 07-25-2010 11:24 AM

Advice please!
ok how do i start this..
i've had my horse hardy for 2years now and i have really grown to love him, he is a 14.2hhs fjord horse, he is not fine but he does the height i want to do at the moment. the heightest he can jump is 3ft single but have done a 2.9ft course on him in team jumping.

Yesterday i did my first one day event. hardy and i did well in the dressage. but had 3falts in the showjumping and was eliminated, it wasn't hardy's fault, i didn't push him on as i should of ... :-(
i was kicking myself after...:oops:
i then couldn't do the xc. but the jumps in the xc were high for hardy so it would of been pushing him anyway.

my mum was randomly looking at horses for sale this morning and came across a stunning done it all Irish sport horse. 15.2hhs. She asked me if i would be willing to sell hardy:shock: to start to move up in height for jumping. i could see what she was saying but could NEVER get myself to sell hardy as i love him to much :cry:
she said ok it is my decision because it is my horse and we left it at that..
now this has been stuck in my head,, i need some advice..what should i do ...:-(

Sunny 07-25-2010 11:47 AM

It depends. What are you more interested in at the moment: moving up in the levels of eventing/jumping, or being content at the levels you and Hardy are in currently? If you think Hardy is physically incapable of doing those jumps, then I would think about selling. But keep in mind that height of a horse doesn't usually reflect their jumping ability. It's the individual, whether they have the heart and the drive. It's up to you whether you want to sell or not. I've been in your same(almost) posistion before, and I sold. In the end my horse and I were much happier.
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Northern 07-25-2010 02:09 PM

Please make absolutely sure that you won't regret selling him, if you do decide to sell, because that separation is the permanent end of your relationship. A lifetime partnership is ideal for horse & human, so if you do decide to sell, make sure that the next horse fits the bill!

wyominggrandma 07-25-2010 04:32 PM

I think the two posts above are very correct, make sure you will not regret selling him and then decide if you want to move up in the classes and shows.
Also, one thing to think about, if you sell your Hardy to get a more advanced horse, you will be selling him to someone who will get the joy and love that you and Hardy have developed and give someone a chance to possibly move up to a better horse, Hardy, than the one they have now. So, it could work out that you move up after two years and Hardy gives someone else a new start.

ridergirl23 07-25-2010 04:40 PM

I moved up to a fancier horse last year because my horse just couldnt go higher in dressage. Dont get me wrong, i LOVED that horse, he was always so happy! always forgave my mistakes. but he was my learning horse, my first horse, and he loved his job. honestly, he didnt care for dressage, but he LOVED kids and being loved, not compotitions. So i sold him to a young girl and her mom who LOVE him, he gets spoiled rotten and is probably already a plump little horse, he thinks hes in heaven. And now i have a more serious horse that i love to death also (shes my heart horse) and she likes dressage, sometimes shes lazy, but she hates jumping. And she has the talent to tak me up the levels.

It depends on YOUR interest, and the best interest for the hrose. Does your horse love to jump? is he happy doing that? Or would he rather be truckin' around a jumper ring with a little kid on his back?

You have to make the decision, no one else. :)

xoSonnyLove1234 07-25-2010 10:52 PM

It only depends on what YOU want to do. Do you want to move up? It seems like this irish sport horse is a "been there, done that" horse. Do you want a finished horse? Or one that you can finish? Dont get me wrong, it will be hard to sell your horse if you do. But dont regret it if you do sell him.
Hope everything works out. :)

Showjumper423 07-26-2010 08:47 AM

Thank youu my mind is clear now xx :)
Hardy loves jumping and will try anything that youu put him at. he hates knocking jumps down, he really likes to please. i do know in the back of my head that i will want to move up in jumping one day, but couldn't see myself letting hardy go:-(, we are bonding more and more. i know he could get to a high level in dressage as he was champion of 2003 in holland with his first owner(we didn't import him we bought him off a family in england, and traced his old owner and found out this).:-)
This Irish Sports horse is one that has done it all (well in xc and pc activities) that horse would be the one for me, as i can do the jumps but i don't have much confidence in myself:? ...but still i fallen in love with hardy,, and i can do the things i want to do on him like: Crosscoutry, sj with my team around 2.3 2.6 and evan when i push him 2.9 , i also do hunting, hacking out safly (and rounding up the sheep on our farm) and my dad evan gets the sheepdog to jump up onto hardy's back as my dad is on him:lol: i've got pony club camp next week and evan tho hardy isn't the fastest in the pony racing, we have a go and it is so much fun...
thank youu guys for helping me clear my mind :wink:

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