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CloudNine 07-25-2010 04:23 PM

Help with tack.
Hi! I have some questions about tack for my mini donkey who is 2 1/2. What time do you think I should start a saddle? He will NOT be ridden, so would it be ok to start earlier?

About the saddle, I am wanting an english one. It's really hard to find donkey saddles, much less mini. There are some nice miniature horse ones out there, but aren't their backs built differently. How should I measure him for this?

A while ago, I purchased an o-ring broken snaffle bit for my donkey. I want to get him used to one, but since he is so young, and since he's a mini (no-one in our family can ride him), he won't be under riding work with it. My sister helped me find it, and she thought it would be best for him. I on the other hand, am wondering if this is pinching him? He doesn't seem uncomfortable with it, but when I drive him from the ground, he doesn't react to it. What do you think would work for him? I don't want anything harsh! Oh, it doesn't matter if it's western or english.

OK, so this is going to sound soooo stupid! :oops: Until I get a real one would it be ok to use a.....makeshift bridle? It's basically an old purse strap :roll: but it fits him!!!! Gosh I feel can laugh all you want.

Thanks in advance!

CloudNine 07-25-2010 05:41 PM

just bumping!

CloudNine 07-26-2010 01:43 PM

anyone? bump....

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