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CountryJay 07-28-2010 12:21 AM

Lef lead help- Please
I was at my trainer's for a week of training. We worked on numerous things including leads and flying lead changes. My horse, Autumn, picked up her left lead and did "the most beautiful flying lead changes I've seen in years!" (According to my trainer.) That was 2 weeks ago. Now I can't even get one stride of a left lead, let alone a flying lead change. I haven't changed cues, or done anything wrong/different in my cueing (spelling?) But it was about a week and a half since I got to ride her again, but that was due to crappy weather-- rain. So if you guys/gals could help me and give me other tips, since she is ignoring my trainers tips, that'd be great.
How I get her to pickup her lead is a lil spur from the outside leg and a cluck cluck.

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