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wild_spot 07-28-2010 12:39 AM

Now THIS is a halter QH I like...
I was browsing the new Horse Deals - it's the stallion edition, yay! So many nice horses to drool over.

This fella caught my eye. I have to say I think he is the nicest successfully shown halter QH I have seen yet.

He looks beautifully balanced, his butt and shoulder are chunky and functionally powerful without being bulging, he has clean legs and decent feet (His hinds look a little posty in the side on picture but I think it is because he is standing a bit underneath himself). He has a great versatile neck set that will work for any discipline, a nice refined head... I really can't pick anything wrong or in excess about this fellow.

(Copyrighted pics so linking to his page)


It gives me hope to see that a horse of this quality and obvious functionality has been successful at halter, even is only in AUS. He hasn't been started under saddle yet due to injury but I would bet he is going to have a really comfortable stride and be very trainable - Just because he looks like he is built to ride and built to work.

What are your thoughts? Is this the direction you would like to see the halter world move towards?

Feel free to disagree with me, lol. I was just really taken by this horse as soon as I saw his picture.

wild_spot 07-28-2010 12:41 AM

I forgot to add - He is also Impressive bred - Proof that that line can produce really nice, functional horses that aren't as muscle bound as Arny and - Even better - he is HYPP N/N!

Eliz 07-28-2010 12:43 AM

He looks sort of funky to me, maybe because he seems short-bodied? I'm not sure what it is yet...

Thatgirlsacowboy 07-28-2010 12:44 AM

I want to bite his butt...

^ I agree Eliz... His neck bugs me.

wild_spot 07-28-2010 12:46 AM

Lol, may well be it, I love a short bodied horse - Makes it easier for them to be agile enough to stick with a cow :]

Deerly 07-28-2010 12:52 AM

I normally don't like the look of halter horses but I don't like this one either :lol: He looks very strangely proportioned.

Like they took a big stocky quarter horse body and stuck it on really long legs, attached an arabian neck and a little face.

It also sorta looks like someone took a picture of a horse, resized the legs to be longer and the head/neck to be smaller and stuck it on the body :lol:

Clearly my playful criticisms mean nothing because the horse is successful and I don't mean any negativity behind them, I really don't! I love the coloring and those big even socks (that's my FAVORITE horse marking ever) but his overall build just looks strange to me.

Deerly 07-28-2010 12:54 AM

I do really like their other stallion though! He seems better proportioned somehow.

smrobs 07-28-2010 01:00 AM

His back legs are a little too straight and I would love to see some more bone on him (but I want more bone on nearly everything LOL. Too many years of drafts and mustangs :D). Other than that, I really like him. He looks functional and athletic as opposed to bulky and stiff. I am with you on the short bodies. Makes them super quick (not a good thing if they decide to buck though LOL). I wish we stupid Americans would take a page out of ya'lls book. I honestly think that our halter horses should have the same appearance as a good cutting or reining horse. Short-ish, stocky (but not grotesquely body builder), and athletic. I wish I could remember the horse's name but somebody posted a picture of a black and white paint a long time ago that was supposed to have the perfect conformation. And boy howdy, he did. I could literally not find a single thing wrong with that boy.

wild_spot 07-28-2010 01:01 AM

Lol! I guess my taste is very different to everyone elses!

See, I don't mind that horse, but I really don't like that 'butt shape' that a lot of halter QH have. It makes the butt look seperate to the leg - Like they just sat the butt on top of the leg instead of them being joined. It also reminds me of a leg of ham, lol. I really like his neck, though.

JumperStride 07-28-2010 01:09 AM

I'd snap that guy up in a heartbeat, whole heartedly agreeing with you wild_spot! I'd like to see a bit more of a neck on him, I'll admit thats a bit funky but overall I lovelovelove this stallion

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