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SpiritedLittleCopperSpots 07-28-2010 01:47 PM

Heritage Days Parade Pictures...
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My Hubby, myself and a group of our friends, just did another parade with our miniatures. :D !
This one was in a town not too far away, Columbia Falls (Montana).
They were celebrating the towns heritage as well as Glacier National Parks 100th Anniversary this year.
So some of us went the "pioneer" theme, and some the "hikers in the park" theme for our "costumes". We kind of covered everything in our group.
The judges entered us in almost every category, kids, horses, and both themes, and we ended up taking a 1st Place ribbon in the horses category....

It was just a lot of fun!
Some of us drove and some walked the minis so that the kids could pet them as we went along the parade route. The two minis we took, Kozmo and Me Jo, really love the kids and just soak up all the attention.
(Oh, and the saddles they are wearing are strictly decoration, our minis are only used as driving horses....)
Actually the antique saddle in the first picture has been in my hubby's family a long time and is normally just on display in our home, thought it looked just great on Kozmo though!

Anyway, long story short. Thought I would share some pictures!
Took a bunch, so will be hard to just post a few.....

GreyRay 07-28-2010 01:54 PM

Haha! Awesome! We do a Christmas Parade in town. Though we dont get many pictures. This year I plan to ride my belgian gelding, and have the belgian mare pull the wagon by herself now that we have a one horse rig for it. Are the saddle horses Appies?

SpiritedLittleCopperSpots 07-28-2010 02:41 PM

Hi GreyRay!
The full size horses in the last pic were not with our group, but my friend could not resist snapping a pic when Kozmo and I went over to say "Hi".
Yes, they are appys...
We also do our local parades here in Kalispell. St.Patty's, 4th of July, Fair, Christmas.
This year we decided to find others close enough, so did this one, and also are going to do another county's parade in September as well.
We just think it is good fun, and gets us and the horses out doing some thing a little different then usual....

We don't get many good pics of the Christmas parade either, it is at night, and the lighting is just awful.

Glad to hear you like to get out and participate too!

CheyAut 07-29-2010 01:33 PM

Great pics, I especially love the one of your boy and the big Appies! :)

SpiritedLittleCopperSpots 07-29-2010 01:37 PM

Thanks CheyAut!
I like that one too, it was a shot too good to pass up

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