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twogeldings 07-29-2010 11:56 AM

What can you tell me about English AND Western events?
I have three horses that I'd like to show, but...I don't know in WHAT I'd like to show them in! I've never...actually...shown :lol:

First is Baby Girl, she's a four year old QH. She has a big ol' hunk of a scar on her hindquarters, isn't conformationally pretty, but has a sweet personality. Right now, I'm working on actually getting her to go FASTER than a walk. She seems to just enjoy strolling through the day and smelling the roses.

I was thinking just trail events with her, since she responds very well to cues but isn't all that fast or pretty.

Second is Red Man, four year old Missouri Fox Trotter gelding. He's doesn't have a great conformation (roach backed, straight shoulder, overall rather small built) but he is quite pretty (true Flaxen Chestnut) and moves well. I clue what do try or train him in.

Third is Divo, four year old FriesianxHackney gelding. He's small, only 14hh, but has a great conformation and a gentlemen personality. I would really like to do halter, trail, and MAYBE English with him? I've never done English (I rode in one once!) but I've always admired it. I'm certainly not planning on any high-level Dressage, but black horses look so sharp in those English saddles!

Little help here guys? :lol:

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