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SarahRicoh 07-29-2010 06:49 PM

Clinton Anderson
Well im in the UK but Iv heard and seen lots about his techniques and there seems to be little criticism of Parelli.

Im not a novice and im currently breaking in my 4 year old but I LOVE the idea of bareback and bridleless and I think groundwork is essential plus I love everything that natural horsemanship seems to offer(harmony,trust etc).

I just wondered how I could get into it really.
I bought the Monty Roberts book and although I find it interesting, I didnt find it that useful as most of it is like (please practice stages with an experienced horse blah blah blah) so its not really applicable whereas Clinton anderson seems very up for making it easy to apply by normal people :)

Anyway, I am low on funds so please dont say buy his DVD's, suscribe to his club, get a trainer and I dont event think he does demos in the UK although Id love to watch it.

Well I'd love to find out what he's teaching and put it into practice but I have no funds to get the DVD's and its not like you can find it on internet cz its all copyrighted so people cant post up what his DVD's show fi you get me?

Thanks :D

Scoutrider 07-29-2010 07:09 PM

I like a lot of Clinton Anderson's techniques. Probably the best way to learn more without dropping a lot of money is to find a copy of his book.
The book is set up really nicely with lots of detail in both the general theory of horsemanship as well as how to execute and troubleshoot his exercises. I don't know if you would find it in a library in the UK, but ordering a copy online is well worth the $17.99 American for a used one.

It's a shame there's no RFDTV in the UK (to my knowledge, anyway). CA has a 1 hour weekly tv show on that station that tends to be helpful. Recently I think it's been swamped in marketing hype like the rest of "Mainstream NH" :roll:, but his earlier episodes were packed with helpful and useful info.

inaclick 07-29-2010 07:14 PM

There are some short youtube clips of CA, very interesting.

Overall, people like him more because he has a more down to earth, practical approach. He does not pretend to whisper anything, he does not present the horse as some mythical misunderstood being.

The experienced horsemen recognize their own tricks and techniques in his and the beginners don't have a hard time understanding him.
I like the fact that he is a calculated organized man, presenting clearly:
- the problem
- the cause
- and possible solutions. I've never seen him yet pretending to have found The One and Only Ultimate Magic Cure. And I guess that's exactly what gives him credibility.

SarahRicoh 07-29-2010 07:27 PM

Thanks :) il defo look into getting his book..

thunderstruck 07-29-2010 07:54 PM

giddy up flix is an awesome way to watch unlimited training dvds without having to pay hundreds for the sets, they have all of clintons stuff

palomino blues 07-30-2010 01:05 AM

I borrowed his DVD's from the library; you really need to own them so that you can go back and review them whenever you need to--there's alot of detail in his work and I find that I see stuff that I didn't see the first and even second time around. good luck

SarahRicoh 07-30-2010 05:55 AM

Thanks.. I think someone suggested giddyupflix for Parelli DVD's to me but something about me being in the UK didnt work, maybe im wrong. Il look again :)

Citrus 07-30-2010 06:46 AM

I am using CA with my 5 year old for many reasons- to give my child confidence with her horse, to switch him from the spurs and twisted snaffle his previous owners used to something my child can handle without hurting herself or him, and because it works- even just the ground work and checking out his body language helps enormously while training. Plus Clinton is not afraid to get after a horse when it needs to happen.

savvylover112 07-30-2010 07:23 AM

The programs shown on RFDTV to do with Natural horsemanship are shown on horse and country and when it returns again rural TV in the UK.

SarahRicoh 07-30-2010 03:51 PM

I dont have that channel.. He sounds great but I just dont see how I can use his methods apart from buying his book

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