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Kratty 07-31-2010 02:46 AM

Need Info On A Saddle/Maker!
Hey everybody, I'm looking for a new saddle, and I've come across one that seems to meet my search criteria, but I've never heard of the maker before. Does anyone have any information on Brent Skills / Ansur saddles? The saddle is a used custom buckaroo ranch wade saddle and the owners only said it was made by Brent Skills/Ansur saddle makers. They're asking $450 for it, which makes me a bit wary as most quality wade/ranch saddles usually sell for more than that. I want to make sure what I may be getting isn't going to be a piece of junk.

So here is what I need answered.

1: Is this going to be a quality made saddle?

2: Do they generally make saddles that are comfortable and well fitting for the horse and rider provided the care is taken to insure that the proper sizes for both are met? ((Such as proper gullet/tree and seat size.))

3: I am going to be using this saddle as a training/working saddle, will it stand up to moderately heavy 'abuse' such as starting and breaking colts, long days of riding through all sorts of terrain, and working cows?

I would really appreciate any information anyone has on these saddles or this saddle maker! : ) Personal accounts, links to websites, anything helps!


Eolith 07-31-2010 09:48 AM

I literally just bought myself an Ansur saddle about three weeks ago. I did a ton of research too, so I would hope that I know my stuff. Ansur saddlery makes english treeless saddles primarily, but they are known for being some of the highest quality and most advanced treeless saddles.

I can't tell you anything about the other saddle brand that they've partnered with, but I have very much enjoyed the quality of my Ansur so far. My horses love it.

They have a website here: Ansur Home Page

Another good place to check out when you're uncertain of brands is Horse Tack - Reviews of horse tack and rider supplies! They've got all sorts of reviews by people who own different brands of saddles and tack. If you can't find a certain brand, it indicates that the brand isn't well known and may not be very high quality.

shadowanne 07-31-2010 04:19 PM

I had an Ansur (they only make treeless) and I live in the city Ansur started in (they since moved). It is very HIGH quality and lasts and lasts - and SUPER comfy. I only sold mine earlier this year because it didn't work well with my new horse and I decided to go back to tree'd. I know nothing about the other maker, but I'm sure you can call Ansur and ask since their name is included.

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