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kr0lltopp 08-01-2010 03:33 AM

Critique my riding (dressage/jumping)
I know I am aware of that i have many problems in my riding, so I would be very happy if someone would give me som help


Here I'm trying to work her long and deep

I'm not really a dressagerider even if I've done it a lot with this horse. I have understood that dressage is very important for the jumping so I will work much with it in the future!


This is our second jumptraining

Our third

I have of course jumped her more, but this is first time we are jumping real courses. She's a litte unsecure and I'm not making it any better. I also have a problem of getting her cool and relaxed through the whole course, and I'm very sorry for dragging the rein and making her irritated. That's not how I want to do it...

I know my english sucks I'm norwegian :D

equinesalways 08-01-2010 04:37 PM

Don't be silly; your english is great!

Just a couple of quick things to tweak your dressage. When you do flat work, be careful not a pinch with your knee and post off your thighs like you would for jumping. Most of your weight should be in your seat.

I like the exercise you do in the video. I warm up half of my upper level horses doing this. To make it better, keep it on the rail. Really get the horse connected from the inside leg towards the outside rein. I would flex this horse off my inside rein and "boing" it onto my outside. This is simply accomplished when the horse gives to the inside and is yielding to your inside leg, when you let go of the inside rein you should have a stronger (not heavier) connection on the outside rein. That flexion releases the jaw. Then you give a little squeeze on the outside rein to release the poll which will allow you to put the neck where ever you want it. In this case, it's down so you can get her move over her back and swinging. You can try mixing it up with some collected trot on short side making the horse really carry itself, stepping up underneath with the hind end and then take that energy and push it down the long side or across the long or short diagonal (figure 8s) in a lengthening or medium trot.

The canter work needs more transitions. Her hind leg could be much quicker and that would improve your canter quality a lot. You may want to start teaching her walk to canter and canter to walk transitions. Be careful with the inside rein in the canter. Some times you take it just a tiny bit too much and it swings the haunches out and she looses her bend and her impulsion. Better to have the neck outward slightly and keep the bend in the body so her hind end does not disengage.

MyBoyPuck 08-01-2010 05:04 PM

Holy cow your horse is the spitting image of my Puck! Moves exactly the same way she's moving in that first video. She's reaching nicely into the contact, but doesn't really want to carry herself anymore than she has to. I agree with everything equinealways suggested. I throw in lots of transitions, both within gaits and between gaits, and half halts. I recently did a clinic where the clinician pointed out something that should be obvious, but it's one of those things we all have to be reminded of. Say you want to canter 100 strides. You can do the whole 100 strides in one canter, just go along for the ride, and it's never going to get any better from that first stride. Or you can break it up into 5 sets of 20 canter strides interspersed with a nice working trot and pretty much guarantee yourself a markedly better canter by the last set, not to mention a nicer trot to go along with it. Every transition or half halt will help her rebalance and you'll find she stops falling on her forehand every few steps. She obviously has a bit more spunk when jumping, so kudos to you for recognizing the dressage plays heavily into jumping. If she gets strong and wants to start plowing through fences, half halts will be what gets her back.

kr0lltopp 08-01-2010 05:52 PM

Thanks alot, you are great. You just see it all :o I can relate to everything.
I will definetly work with what you are saying!

Just so you know I will go a few steps back in the jumping and just jumps cavaletties for a while and try to train on keeping it calm :)

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