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Cinnys Whinny 08-01-2010 02:09 PM

May I please have a heart attack now??
I am so freaked!!! A fugmunchin bat just came into my apartment and was dive bombing my 6 month old baby and would dive at my face if I tried to get close to the baby to get him out. Luckily my cat kept smacking it any time it got close to baby... I finally chased it into the basement with a broom and called animal control but wow......still shaking.

Anybody have experience dealing with bats? If it happens again, what do I do?

I'm having SUCH a bad morning

vent vent vent

inaclick 08-01-2010 03:24 PM

I'm so happy you and the baby are ok!
So sorry for the bat incident.

Only thing that I can assure you of is the bat was just as scared as you guys were.

They're blind and entering a daylight / inhabited / artificial light area can really confuse them. They'll try to find their way out but in the same time their instincts tell them to go for the patches of heat they "see" on their thermo-sensor map...not sure if that makes sense.

I have had bat incidents, but usually I found them in broad daylight completely stunned. I took them off with a blanket and deposited them under some shed.
The ones I have met shriek horribly, do not bite but can scratch and put up quite a fight when you restrain them.

The hardest part is catching them; I was using a blanket or a coat and throwing it on them.
I know the bat probably seemed like the imprsonation of vice and murder, but please don't kill it if possible :cry: They're harmless usually and they also eat a lot of pesky bugs.

Edit: And they're incredibly ugly at face. Oh boy.

Cinnys Whinny 08-01-2010 03:43 PM

Oh, I know they are pretty much harmless and he was just scared. I am usually fine with bats and other things, I guess it was just the fact that my baby was on the floor and it seemed to be dive bombing it. I'm sure it was stunned as every time it got close to the baby the cat gave it a good whack! I didn't even think of trying to catch it with a blanket...I only thought to try to guide it into a closet or room where I could shut it in somewhere, unfortunately with a broom which didn't really work. The room is very well lit by windows so I had no un-natural light but I'm sure the window was a bit confusing. Maybe next time I will lower the blinds really fast.

Animal control could not find it in the basement so it either A) found a way out of the basement or B) is still there. The guys that rent the upstairs have a habit of leaving the basement light on when they do laundry so I am going to make sure to turn it off. I think The lights are attracting bugs which then attract the bats so maybe if I keep those basement lights off tonight and some of the outdoor ones on, it will find a way out and go away :) Also there is about a 3 inch opening between the floor and the bottom of the basement door....which I plan to rectify!

inaclick 08-01-2010 03:57 PM

If you lower the lits really fast it might actually dive straight to you or whatever other living creature there is around irradiating heat

They get very hectic when they get scared and they're a mess to corner especially since they are speedy.
Don't worry bout the broom, you did fine! you had your baby to take care of, you reacted completely natural and fine. I don't have a baby (yet) but if I had one even if Disney's Bambi would dive to her / him my first instinct would probably be indeed to whack it with a broom as well :lol:

If anything like that happens again get a blanket / coat and try to catch it with that, by throwing it over. Once on the floor, locate it - should be easy, look for a flopping desperate bump :) - and take the coat / blanket with the bat in it outside. Place it on the ground, release bat by removing it slowly

Yes the light alone is probably attracting bugs AND bats. The sources of light are really messing up these little ugly guy's radar. For them a light bulb can appear as THE ULTIMATE AND BIGGEST MEAL EVER

JumpsxGlory 08-02-2010 01:51 PM

Darn I searched Google to try to find the bat you guys are talking about.

I would have PANICKED if a bat came near my child!!! Good for you for getting it into the basement without harm to anyone :-)

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