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slrichey 08-01-2010 04:25 PM

Paint gelding that ran like crazy
Starting round penning session with this particular horse this past thursday evening. When we tried to stop him he speeds up tremendously as soon as he sees us walking out and/or back. After more running (keeping the gentle as possible but as firm as necessary in mind) we found we could stand in the middle of the round pen and he would continue his canter with us not moving or driving him at all. We let him run a little longer thinking it was an excess energy thing, but got no different results.

We tried stepping completely in front of him and he would speed up and try to run right over the top of us.To make a long story short, he ran and ran, and then ran some more in complete avoidance of our efforts. Keep in mind we didn't spank him to get him to run or keep him running. He ran like a madman on his own. He ran for 2 and a half hours.

He has soreness and swelling in his rear pasterns and is still somewhat shaky in his legs today, 4 day after. He is really favoring his left front and right rear. Nothing looks out of place other than the swelling. The front
right knee was swollen but it went away the first day. The rear pasterns haven't gotten any better. I have initially tried linament to stimulate circulation, then switched to cool water several times a day but no better. It has been 103+ here the last few days so it is really hard to tell about heat in the joints.

Some background on the paint. We have had him for a little over a month and besides being scared of his own shadow, he has been very gentle and respectful to both of us in all other ways... leading, haltering, feeding, and just general handling. He was cut in May of this year. We have 3 other geldings that we work with and have always accomplished our goals with them.

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