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kr0lltopp 08-02-2010 05:35 AM

Hi from Norway!
My name is Sabrina and I'm a 17 year girl from Norway who is studying in Sweden. There is also were I have my beautiful horse, Schaq.

She's a either a cross between new forest and swedish warmblood, or a pure swedish warmblood (though with a unregistred father). I bought her early this year and I usually say that she is an 8 year old youngster.

In the fall we are moving to one of Swedens biggest riding schools, Strömsholm and are looking forward to that! (

I think it's very exciting to be on a so big forum and you have all give me a very nice impression! :D
My hair is all over the place and I look a little ******ed, get used to it :D

JosieAmani 08-02-2010 05:39 AM

Hi Sabrina!

I'm new here too, just joined today and hoping to meet lots of horsey people. Schaq is beautiful! I really love her expression, I bet she's very intelligent? She has a very intelligent look in her eyes, thanks for sharing!

kr0lltopp 08-02-2010 07:05 AM

Thank you, and welcome to you too :D She is actually very intelligent!:)

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