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twogeldings 08-03-2010 12:13 AM

Sammy found a home
Sammy, my dear rescue horse, has found a home!

Sammy will be living the good life on three in a half acres with another mare. His owners are novice riders, but Sam will be re-trained under saddle by a professional trainer from California before they hop on (I was really, really, happy to hear that!). He certainly doesn't need much, all the ground works there, but after nearly two years now of doing absolutely nothing...he's a lil' rusty. :D
I have ridden him after a good lunging session, but being under an actual, professional who's been training show jumpers and the like for years, now thats nice.

He's going to be a trail and occasional kid's pony-a-long horse (which I have no doubt he'll excel at). Good easy life, I did explain everything about him and made his under saddle manners very clear (I probably repeated myself ten times). Also demonstrated pretty much everything except bathing, loading, and riding (it was dark). Did do fly spray, white spooky stuff, feet, haltering, and leading. Played with his ears and tail, rubbed him all over, etc.

I honestly think the main reason he sold was because of his ground manners. He catches well, he doesn't spook (gun shots, plastic bags, white flags, tarps, water, mud? No problem), his picks up his feet without a fuss, loads and trailers, stands for wormer and shots. Halters, leads, stands tied, doesn't have a killing hatred for dogs. Overall, just a good trained horse who needs someone to just get him back into the gist of things and doesn't freak out when you walk past a mailbox.

I'm definitely going to miss him, he was the -easiest- to handle horse I've ever had. Baby's very gentle and much easier under saddle, but she's more of an overtrained horse than a natural relaxer like Sam.
But at the same time, he's going to a great home, being trained by a real trainer, AND I can focus on my 'training priority's', those being Red Man and (soon) Divo. Plus I can focus on getting Loki back into riding, he hasn't been taken out since last October. :shock:

Anyone else have any happy ending horses? I'll have to get some new pictures of Sam posted, he's HUGE compared to what he was back when I first bought him.

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