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SayiWont 08-03-2010 01:35 PM

New at drawing horses- critique and advice needed
All of the talented artists on here have inspired me to start to draw horses. I normally don't do things like this, but I felt it was time to do something new. :lol:

I am in desperate need of critique and advice on how to make my drawings better. I figured this would be a good place to start, since there are so many artists on here.

Keep in mind that this is my first horse drawing ever.

BTW- I know the legs are crap. I like how well the head turned out though.

Sorry in advance for the crappy pics. I don't have a camera, so these were taken on my phone.
The pics:
Full Drawing
Bottom Half

All advice and critique is appreciated.

midwestgirl89 08-03-2010 02:24 PM

For your first drawing it's not bad. Like I tell everyone looking for advice (myself included) the first place to start is to make sure the anatomy is correct. I'm doing a personal study/project right now focusing on just certain parts of a horse like the nose, the ears, hooves, etc. After I've done those and feel comfortable with my ability to draw them, I then focus on making sure they fit together correctly. Make sure the head is proportioned to the neck and the legs aren't too long/short in comparison to the body...that kind of thing.
Once you start with that base and get that mastered you've got a great foundation for drawing. Then you can focus on shading and such.
Great to hear you're drawing! Look forward to seeing more.

lilruffian 08-03-2010 03:40 PM

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I agree with midwestgirl89... as long as you know the basic anatomy, drawing horses is simple.Good things to keep in mind is to make sure the chest is deep enough. You should be able to draw a line from the withers to the point of the croup & another line from the base of the tail, down through to the back feet.

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