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barnrat 02-06-2007 09:32 PM

5 year old utah Mustang
Alright so this is the same horse I have been waiting to see for some time now...the horse is actually 5......She is blue Roan in the pictures I have ( there in my journal ) She is white and has a black head....When I saw her today whe was all black with a white you can see whats she boing to look like....she has the most beautiful mane and tail (really pretty color) And its long and thick.... She has mikes personality and that really draws me too her....the problem is...she has not filled out at all...which worrys me...should it??

I am going to try her for a month...I hope....Going to talk to the current owner tomorrow about trying her for a month... :)

3days3ways 02-23-2007 09:05 PM

i don't think you should worry about that... once you start working with her she'll deveople more muscle... my friend got a OTTB and she is 7 and with just two months there is a world of difference.... so yea i wouldnt worry too much!!

Tuff_up 03-09-2007 08:12 PM

nice horse and i agree once you start working with her more she will become more muscular and fill out for you.

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