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Pro 08-05-2010 07:18 PM

My Position (Dressage)
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I had my first dressage lesson a few days ago. I got to use a friends reining stallion for my lesson.

Please don't critique the horse. He is NOT mine.

I only have two pictures right now, but I will get more from the lesson.

Sorry, I know it's kinda hard to critique when my heads cut off, but just anything and everything that jumps out please say. I know I have A LOT to work on. I think my position looks pretty bad:-(.

ErikaLynn 08-05-2010 11:06 PM

I'm no dressage expert. But maybe bring your hands up more and shorten your reins a little and bring your lower leg more forward. I think your stirrups need to go down a hole or two. But not bad at all for your first dressage lesson.
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Arksly 08-05-2010 11:33 PM

^ her hands look pretty good to me. I find a good place is where the bottom of your hands is even with the top of the horses withers (as long as the withers aren't super high). But, I agree with the rest.

Azale1 08-05-2010 11:37 PM

Not too bad. Your stirrups would do better being dropped a hole or two just as Erika stated. With dressage you want a much longer leg. Your heal is down though and back where it should be. You do need to bring your elbows in towards your sides though. Think of touching your sides with your elbows and that is where they need to be. Your hands are correct. I would work on making more contact with your horses mouth though and shorten those reins a few inches.

ridergirl23 08-05-2010 11:41 PM

Your hands look good. try to keep your toes forward, not out. and try not to let him (I know, it might be hard, because hes a reiner) lean in on the corners, and maybe (I cant really see what kind of bit you have very well....) try to have more contact (Will he take it? it might be easier to maybe find an english horse? because a lot of dressage is aids and the rein contact and effectiveness of the seat and stuff.)

But overall it looks good :) oh, and close your hands more (that does NOT mean have a stronger stiff contact or anything, it means tightneing your hands, not your contact) and put your shoulders back in a soft relaxed way, dont brace, that always looks bad and makes your seat in-effective.

But its good overall :)

Pro 08-05-2010 11:45 PM

Ok, Thanks everyone.

This might be a really stupid question, but how do I relax my shoulders?

ridergirl23 08-06-2010 12:13 AM

They dont look tight, but we you make sure they are back, just try not to get them tense :)

Eolith 08-06-2010 12:18 AM

A tip I was given for keeping shoulders back: imagine a string connecting the points of your shoulder blades pulling them closer together. Sometimes it helps to have someone touch the points of your shoulder blades with two fingers so you're really aware of just where they are and what it feels like when they're back.

ridergirl23 08-06-2010 12:20 AM

Ya ive been taught that too, it helps alot, but just make sure its not to forced, that doesnt always help ;)

Eolith 08-06-2010 12:22 AM

Yeah, it's not so much that you're pulling them into place by scrunching up your back muscles as sort of letting your shoulder blades "slide back" into place.

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