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KANSAS_TWISTER 08-07-2010 03:36 PM

not sure how to handle this..
hi guys!!! haven't been on in a live has taken over being on the net....ok here it is and i'm not really sure how to handle this....last month (july) we had a great family move in across the street from our farm. since then they have bought a reg quater horse stud and have moved him twice after i refused to board him. he is now out behind there house in a grass field that doesn't have eletric fencing, when i asked them why they didn't have any intrust in putting up a charger there reply was "will wait till he get's out" today i went out do some thing only to find there studd tetherd with a 30 ft wrope out in there yard with out suppervision.......i have 3 mares and a stud to worry about now of my own...i'm just afraid of my stud killing there's if it comes on to our property...not sure how to handle this

corinowalk 08-07-2010 04:58 PM

Oh boy, thats a tough one! You could tell them that a fencer is cheaper than the vet bills that they will have to pay if he gets out and either gets the crap kicked out of him by your stud...or if he were to get hit by a car. If you aren't boarding him because of him being a stud, you could tell them that if they had him gelded, you would board him. Since they are friends, it would be nice to be able to work it out and not call the Humane Society. I dont know about your area but in mine, they aren't really interested in horses who arent in dire need of groceries or vet care.

Thats a stinky situation. Good luck with it!

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