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Waybueno 08-07-2010 05:56 PM

Your favorite and least favorite bloodlines
Thought this might be fun to see peoples diffrent opinons.

I dont have a bloodline that I really dont like, or at least that I can think of at the moment.

I like Poco Bueno
Master Jay
Hollywood dun it

My horse has poco bueno lines and master Jay is his sire. My horse is extremely level headed, very willing and all he wants to do is please, a overall hard working horse.

Hollywood dun it was just an overall great horse, and his babies that iv experience have been overall honest horses, really smart, quick to learn and fast on their feet(hooves)

I guess thats not a whole lot of reasons but its good for me :]

anyone else now?

nrhareiner 08-07-2010 06:57 PM

Each line has it good and bad points. There are a lot I like and a lot I do not like at least for reining. I tend to stay away from cutting lines. They tend to be hard to keep honest and I really do not want to have to work that hard. Been there done that and not again.

Your Hollywood Jac 86 lines are well known for being green friendly and yet be able to win in the open. They tend to be an "up" line which I like but you need to watch how you cross them.

Great Pine is one of those lines that are slower on the up take but once they get it they get it and keep in. This is a very nice cross on your HJ86 lines. They compliment each other very very well.

Top Sail lines are a bit on the tougher side but do very well. You really need to keep an eye on this line and how it comes down as they tend to have feet problems. They are not as good for the green reiner but once you get past the Rookie level they are great.

I can keep going but not enough time.

Tasia 08-07-2010 10:12 PM

I work with Driving to Hollwood (I think thats it NRHAreiner help me here) which is the son of Hollywood Dun It. He is a real sweetheart and plus I love his sire. I also like top sail lines. My reiner has Docs Dee Bar on his lines not spectacular but I did like him. My horse has very good work ethis and man can he go forever.

addictedtoreining 08-08-2010 12:35 PM

NRHA reiner.. What do you mean that cutting lines are hard? Can you explain a little bit? Because I would love to breed a (skeets peppy, JES, or eistien) to a Doc quixote mare.... I just think it would give them a little more athetic ability.

Also it seems like peppy san badger is extremely succesful in reining? Does anyone know thier temperment, good and bad flaws?

One thing I have learned about reining, is a willing good temperment (easy going horse) seems to outperformed atheltic ability... My JES colt blew me away on how easy going he is... Curious to see what other bloodlines are similar?

StylishK 08-08-2010 12:45 PM

I don't really have a bloodline that I particularly dislike, its more certain crosses you have to watch.

For example, Great Pine horses tend to be a little tougher mentally, and can be a little bit stiff. I wouldn't breed tough minded to tough minded.

You have to be careful on Nu Chex to Cash horses because they are known to be a touch hotter and not everyone can get along with them. Although many make GREAT horses.

It's all about the crosses.

With the cutting bloodlines you definitely have to be careful. Cutters are bred to be thinkers, they have to react to the cow. And in reining you want a horse that waits on you. So it can be a contradiction. Last think you want really is a reiner who thinks and acts before you give a cue (unless they are fixing your mistake for you ahah)

Waybueno 08-08-2010 01:27 PM

Yeah Twinkies a cutter and his dad was to. He gets hot very easy and sometimes over thinks and wants to predict my moves. I wouldnt call this a downfall though he's a good horse, I like the cutting in the bloodlines. Me and him work together pretty well.

StylishK 08-08-2010 01:36 PM

The cutting works for some horses and doesn't for others. Much like it works for some riders and not for others.

I don't want a horse that gets hot easy personally. I like one that has lots of get up and go, but not hot. I don't like when I do a manuver and my horse is like shaking with excitment, a little amped up is fine but not a lot. I don't want something that is so ready to make a move that if I even move my hand half an inch they are bouncing all over the place. I like a quick but smooth reaction.

Soft and responsive is very much what I want, but I don't like a horse that is moving just as I'm starting to think about asking. But for some people that works, just like many people don't like my style of horse.

There's tons of horses I think are REALLY nice horses, but I will sit there and tell you I don't ever want to own them. I know what kind of horse I can and cannot show well, and which ones I'd get along with its that vibe you get ahha!

Waybueno 08-08-2010 02:00 PM

The only reason me and Twinkie do well together is because im a really calm rider and even though he gets amp'd I just stay calm and keep my hands quiet till I want to ask him for something.

Im the same way ill see horses all the time that I like or even love but as far as riding or owning it goes I could probably care less. I'm not gonna lie though i'd love to have a calmer horse so I dont have to constantly worry about my hands, posture or legs, but I love my horse, total heart of gold.

BTW I really like that stallion you bred your mare to, cant wait to see that baby.

StylishK 08-08-2010 02:02 PM

It's almost funny how we can look at a horse and say we really like them but don't want to own them.

I guess its the same with people. I meet lots of nice people, but I definitely couldn't be friends with them ahaha.

I love the stud as well! Apparently he's very kind and easy to ride.

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