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Gallop 08-09-2010 05:22 PM

Large Hunter Pony Prospect?
I'm looking into this mare as a possible hunter prospect that might have potential but has not had much if any formal jumping training. She is a 5 year old quarter horse that stands 14.1 with Zippo Pine Bar and foundation lines (not that those mean much in the hunter world). Her owner says that she been trained to do flying changes and leg yields/sidepasses. I've trained quite a few jumpers and investing time and training into her is not really a problem. So, I am mainly just asking for the opinions of you all and your critiques since I want to make a educated decision. Her price of $500 is seriously tempting me lol.

Also, the rider really isn't helping her much imo...and its not me so don't critique.

tseluyu dylan 08-09-2010 06:17 PM

Almost any horse has the potential to be a jumper, but the potential height each horse can reach varies. This mare is built to jump lowers jumps, as you can see she is much heavier in front of her pillar of support. When scapula of your horse rolls back her point of shoulder will not be very high, and from this we can gather that her knees won't be very high off the ground either.

The bascule is the natural round arc a horse's body takes as he goes over a jump. Your mare has a fantastic bascule! Her back is round and her head is arched rather than in the air.
Look at the similarities in this Pebble Beach Pony Competitor and your mare.

good luck with her!:-)

kerplop 08-09-2010 07:17 PM

If you have the money why not? She's not going to be a 20k hunter pony but if you put some weight and muscle on her- and maybe brush her up a little ;)- she'll look like a different class of pony. For a resale project if she has the temperament to be a kid's pony definitely go for it. Or for yourself, if you like her and the price is right take her. I might offer a little less for her though. $500 if you REALLY like her and don't care, $400 range if you buy her as a project.

Gallop 08-09-2010 07:35 PM

kerplop, that is my reasoning...My plan would be to put some training into her, show her in the local h/j circuit, use her as a lesson horse and then resell her. I would also offer less for her. My personal showing is geared more towards the jumper ring so she wouldn't really be a personal horse but one I wouldn't mind putting some show miles on her in the hunters since that is prolly where her niche would be.

tseluyu dylan 08-09-2010 08:00 PM

Did I answer this wrong:shock:

Supermane 08-09-2010 08:26 PM

At 5, she is a fabulous age and she looks good for the price. She should excel in local shows; just tighten up her knees a little and she should look great.

The only things that would be working against you are that she's a mare and she's a quarter horse (at least, in my area, although at the local level people don't seem to care). But really, temperament and comfort should be the deciding factors for reselling a large pony, are her gaits comfortable? Is she easy enough for a young kid (will she be)?

maura 08-09-2010 08:35 PM

A 14.1 H 5 year old QH that's broke, has a sweet disposition and isn't fugly or has serious confo problems is likely worth the initial investment and the time it will take to finish her.

She needs some love, care, groceries and elbow grease. And I'm curious as to why she looks so much better in the photo with Western tack. In the photo, she has nice hunter style movement. Clean her up and sharpen up her front end and you'll have a nice local hunter pony.

QH large ponies are *wonderful* but tend not to be as competitive in the rated divisions against the fancy, typey ponies. Good large ponies that are kid safe, however, are very hard to find, local quality or A quality, and it's the one area of the market that's still a seller's market.

If you can put the mileage on her cheaply, I say she's a great opportunity and go ahead and snap her up. If I still had a lesson barn and a way to put mileage on her cheaply, I'd snap her up. (I have a made QH pony geldin of similar type, and I won't part for him for 10K - he's just too darn useful.) Honestly, you could turn her around as a kid's pleasure pony in six months for $1500 - $2500.

Assuming sound and sane, you can't go wrong.

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