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kitten_Val 02-19-2008 07:39 AM

One-rein stop
I read about it, but never seen "alive". I tried to teach my horse (before the winter hit), however when I bend her head she just start to turn 180, but doesn't stop actually. Any hints on how to teach her?

Vidaloco 02-19-2008 08:38 AM

You want to keep bending her till she stops then instantly release. keep your weight to the outside in the bend, run your hand down the inside rein, bring the rein to your hip and flex her till her nose touches your foot. the instant she stops release her. Be aware the greater the speed you are going the larger the circle you should start with, slowing to a small circle as the horse slows, otherwise you will pull the horse off balance and possibly fall over.
You might want to start on the ground, getting her to flex. I just learned how to do it from the ground :lol: There is another thread with photos and a link to teaching the one rein stop
You might give it a read.
ps sorry I refer to all horses as "she"

kitten_Val 02-19-2008 10:13 AM

Thanks, Vida! I'll look into that link.

Spirithorse 02-19-2008 10:27 AM

I would teach it to your horse first on the ground. That way you are setting both of you up for success in the saddle.

Make sure you are only doing the one rein stop in a halter or a snaffle bit. NO CURB BITS. And when you bend her you don't have to do it quickly, just sit centered and deep in your saddle, turn off all your energy and wait for her feet to stop moving and she softens. It helps to push yourself back into the saddle with your other hand. This will anchor your butt to the saddle, and if you look at your toe while you're waiting for her to stop, that will help you not get so dizzy :lol:

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