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XxHunterJumperxX 08-10-2010 07:28 PM

I Need to Learn Everything... Now!!
Okay, so demanding title... But it got you to look!

Well, I have a show NEXT WEEKEND. Just five minutes ago, I learned that there is a required showmanship class! Now, my horse and I never have, and never will go into a ring, without "we can win this" on our minds.

I have NEVER shown showmanship. It's too late to find an instructor, so the horse forums are my best bet!!

I have researched a little teenie bit, and I will be showing him as an Arabian. He will have his left leg back, and his neck will be stretched with his ears forward, tail up, and a show halter that I bought at Scottsdale last year. (largest a rated arabian show in the world)

How long do you have to set your horse up?
Can you bring a whip in?
Can you feed your horse during the class?
Can their forelock be gelled away?

If you answer those questions.. I will love you!
This is just a 4-h fun show, but Eldo and I refuse to do anything half as good. In schooling shows, I'm in a hunt coat and he is braided and polished xD
So the rules won't be as strict, and I will definately bend them for my arabian!!

Thanks Everyone!!

Poco1220 08-10-2010 07:37 PM

You have a little time to set your horse up but don't take forever as the judge will move on. I believe you
can bring a whip in but Im unsure since this is only seen with Arabs usually. Most important is eye contact with the judge and a smile. Make sure you trot / walk straight lines always whether to or away from.

Also you need to be aware of where you are standing in regards to the judges position. If the judge is behind your horses withers you want to be on that side. If the judge is ahead of your horses withers you want to be on the opposite side of her.
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XxHunterJumperxX 08-10-2010 07:43 PM

Poco- Thanks! That's the kind of answers I was looking for... I don't take a really long time, but I certaitnly don't stop and then he's all set up, it takes a second. And that's the quartering system... correct? I didn't know the exact places.. I knew that you are on the same side when the judge is by the haunch, and then the other when they are by the head... The withers thing helps a lot! Thanks!

Poco1220 08-10-2010 09:38 PM

No treats in the ring and yes that is the quartering. Make sure to keep you body erect. One hand midway up the leadline and the other parallel across your body. Back straight and smile smile smile. Quick precise movements when moving thru the whole quartering. It should only take about 3 steps to move from one side to the other. I've seen so Many people win due to a good smile and pristine looks. It would probably be a good idea to google and YouTube search showmanship classes as well.
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corinowalk 08-10-2010 09:54 PM

I always remember quartering as staying out of the judges line of vision. When they pass the shoulder, you switch sides so they can get a better look...when they approach the tail, you switch back. Its been about 200 year since I have had to do it though. I started out hating showmanship but became a bit obsessed with it after a few classes.

cjockey 08-12-2010 07:59 AM

Hi, I too have shown an Arab in open and 4H shows. But what I have done is shown to what the judge judges. Meaning if you can find out who the judge is, and you find they are associated with AQHA, Paint, or Apps, you may want to consider showing that style. You can still do so in English/Hunt attire, and stay traditional with the Arab halter, but if your horse is braided, you may want to consider using a bridle.
To show this way, you would want your horse to be square; no hind leg back. And you will not have to stretch your horses neck. You also do not need a whip. I am super competitive myself, LOVE showmanship, and have found it is easier to show to what the judge knows.

ErikaLynn 08-12-2010 11:24 AM

Ive showed in showmanship classes before, and I dont think its a good idea to bring treats. (its not a dog show) also you have some time to square up your horse. I never used a whip, but I think I've seen people use them. Also I ride English and I wouldn't use a halter, I used a bridle. The people in the class that rode western used a halter. But I have no idea about Arab showmanship a halter might be fine.

Good luck

ShadowSpazzz 08-13-2010 01:59 PM

I do 4-H, and the rules have always been NO WHIPS in 4-H Showmanship. I guess it depends on your area maybe..?? Maybe you should look in your rulebook, if you have one.

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