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coffeemama 08-11-2010 04:02 AM

Looking for a trail and beginner-safe medium pony
I am looking for a pony about 13-14hh sturdy pony that is beginner safe for a child to ride on the streets and trails. Must be pretty much bombproof with cars driving by, dogs running around, bicycles, pony carts, anything you would pass by on the road. Must be good alone or with buddies on rides and not spooky on trails. I really want to feel confident riding on street/bridle paths and trails. Must be safe for beginner child to ride in arena off lead and not a forward moving or bolt, rear, kick,bite, buck pony. Child beginner broke. Must not be girthy or have lameness/laminitis, foundering issues past or present and preferably barefoot with good, strong feet. Must be stocky enough to carry an adult 108 lbs-125 lbs (I am 103 lbs but just in case a famiy member wants to ride, too).
Great home with lots of places to ride. Do not want a pushy dominant pony....nothing mare-ish if a mare I end up with.
Must be something you trust your kids non-horsey friends to ride safely something that will babysit the kids safely. thanks

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